The Warfighters Say Stay In Your Lane – Ultracringe Times A Billion

These guys again:

Uggggggggggggh “stay in your lane” they say.  Again, like we discussed in the previous post since it’s a free country I think it’s up to “instructors” to do whatever they feel they want to, and up to the students to pick out a school / instructor which meets their needs.  The stay in your lane thing especially makes me cringe because if you own a business / know anything about business you probably know that a lot of successful businesses happen as a result of people SPECIFICALLY NOT staying in their lane.

Make sure to check out the first video from this Warfighters series which sparked some nice debate in the comments.

Thoughts?  Wait, actually if you don’t have “qualifications” please don’t give me your thoughts on this.  A.K.A. “stay in your lane” haha jk :P