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  • Russian Roulette – Korean Girls With A Deathwish

    Don’t get all worked up… it’s actually just a sassy music video: NOT pointed in safe direction ladies.  Apparently they don’t teach trigger discipline in Korea either.  Did Jeff Cooper’s 4 rules never make it there?  North Korea or South Korea?  Either way, Kim Jong approved because these girls are ill. SPOILER ALERT: One of…

  • Lil B Is Definitely The Most Useless Rapper On The Planet

    I’d call him functionally retarded… but that would be disrespectful to functionally retarded people: He likes rapping going on camera with firearms: This isn’t the first time I’ve covered Lil B’s shennigans.  You can check out Lil B Making Noise While Holding A Handgun if you’re a sucker for punishment. Sadly for us, this guy probably has…

  • EDC For The Haters – Song

    From Jake Knapp, the same guy who brought is the original Every Day Carry Rap: He hits on some key points in this video.  The effort Jake puts into production is much appreciated, I like that MTV video type look.  Him and FXhummel1 should collaborate. Hat tip: Dave W.

  • Lana Del Rey And Girls With Guns

    Her new music video with spliced together scenes from bad old action movies: I don’t really think the video matches the feel of song that well, but it’s catchy regardless. Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated 2nd album Born To Die comes out Jan 31, 2012.

  • Every Day Carry Rap

    I usually don’t like the flow white rappers have, and this guy is no exception: The vid and lyrics are entertaining and the video is pretty well done, so mission accomplished. I love the CutleryLover appearance at (2:26) before the rapper spits “I made my girlfriend a 550 paracord thong”. Hat tip: Jerome

  • Steve Lee Drags Hickok45 Into His Mess

    On this new track/video “Life is Good”: I say it all the time, Hickok45 is the man!   Him teaming up with Steve Lee though, is basically comparable to Al Pacino and Pee Wee Herman making a movie together. Unless you want to hear Steve Lee’s predictably poor lyrics and the same basic song composition…