Every Day Carry Rap

I usually don’t like the flow white rappers have, and this guy is no exception:

The vid and lyrics are entertaining and the video is pretty well done, so mission accomplished.

I love the CutleryLover appearance at (2:26) before the rapper spits “I made my girlfriend a 550 paracord thong”.

Hat tip: Jerome


10 responses to “Every Day Carry Rap”

  1. thats 1 min of my life I’ll never get back.. couldn’t stand it longer then 1 min sorry

  2. I was amused, but yeah my Hip-Hop days are 10+ years in the grave.

    Also, the mugging scene his 1911’s hammer was down. I HATE when people do that!

  3. So silly. Good to see a EDC worship video though, despite the whitey rapper.

  4. Jake Knapp Avatar

    The rapping was a parody – but I’m making another, this time with a heavy metal theme.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I’m gonna go get a chain to put a multitool on now

  6. gunbarrelflygirl Avatar

    Well, my husband and this guy were separated at birth, LOL!!! My husband wants to make me a bikini out of squirrel hides!!

    1. Let him…….. post pics

  7. Jim Nasium Avatar
    Jim Nasium

    These are hilarious. =)

  8. All of his edc videos are great. If you look at his other vids its clear he has talent beyond edc parodies.

  9. DeskJockey Avatar

    Love when he cuts down the tree. I lol’d.