EDC For The Haters – Song

From Jake Knapp, the same guy who brought is the original Every Day Carry Rap:

He hits on some key points in this video.  The effort Jake puts into production is much appreciated, I like that MTV video type look.  Him and FXhummel1 should collaborate.

Hat tip: Dave W.


10 responses to “EDC For The Haters – Song”

  1. Kinda annoying, but some cute girls atleast..?

    1. Yeah. I was only really waiting to see how he was going to use the image of the glock-mini gun. I eventually had to skip forward; I just couldn’t take it.

      FXhummel1 is funny and speaks clearly. This guy was mostly just showing off his knife/gun collection to some cheap Russian grade knock off Eminem.

      1. Jake Knapp Avatar
        Jake Knapp

        Believe it or not, I don’t even like or listen to rap, and can’t stand Eminem. Maybe you’ll appreciate my next video more cause it will be a heavy metal song.

  2. Hahaha I love all the tacticool music videos you find Mike, hilarious stuff! This guy has some decent production quality in his videos, I second the FXHummel collaboration idea.

    1. Jake Knapp Avatar
      Jake Knapp

      Thanks! I’ve actually contacted FXHummel1 and told him I wanted to collaborate, so we’ll see what happens!

  3. sirkut Avatar

    I felt like I was watching a rap from a guy who frequents the usualsuspect forum. Love the strider tattoo comment.

  4. Church Avatar

    “With my tactical ho’s” this made me lol.

  5. mike m. Avatar

    Laughed my ass off. I liked the tuff thumbz reference, and the “when I wave goodbye I do the emerson wave” Serious talents!

  6. Vhyrus Avatar

    When he did the safety troll scream I nearly pissed myself. This is some funny shit.

  7. Mark Smith Avatar
    Mark Smith

    Hilarious. Now I have to go sell a number of my knives and find some more obscure ones. Dammit.