FDR: American Badass – Trailer

Screw Nazis from the moon that’s so last week. Dead Presidents that hunt Vampires? *pfft* Please.  The ante has been upped to Werewolf Nazi Zombies that infect people with “the” polio:

LOL unbelievable… so over the top.  I can’t find the release date, but IMDB says 2011.

How long until we see someone on a firearm forum make a Delano 2000?


Hat tip: Eric R.


8 responses to “FDR: American Badass – Trailer”

  1. This is real?! i thought it was just a youtube parody. that is so awesome! must see on my list.

  2. “SHUT THE FUCK UP EINSTEIN!” looooooool

    1. Church Avatar

      only good thing to come out of this.

  3. What’s the verdict? Better than Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

  4. Wait, is that an M60 at 0:49?

    1. Yup and obviously better than Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

      1. I don’t understand, did they just get confused because the MG-42 and M60 have similar receivers or what? I mean, they’re obviously going for period weaponry, hence the MP40s I saw.

        Or maybe they just don’t care, I doubt historical accuracy was high on the Director’s list when making a movie about an FDR WHO HAS A MACHINE GUN WHEELCHAIR FOR FIGHTING WEREWOLVES.

  5. This looks to have the ability to knock hobo with a shotgun down a spot on my favorite cult movies