Russian Operator Schools Us On Handling The AK-47

With a lot of muzzle sweeping in the process:

I don’t care how much training you have, if I was around guys doing those kind of maneuvers with loaded rifles i’d want to get the hell out of there.

Just because it looks slick, doesn’t mean you should do it in reality. Save it for the movie screen.


Hat tip: Komodo S.


21 responses to “Russian Operator Schools Us On Handling The AK-47”

  1. Ya…Ruuunnnnn!

  2. JScottNH Avatar

    Seriously ? He racked the operating handle 20 times or more… That weapon is clear… Intelligent gun safety requires intelligence… If you think this is bad, you should see Sonny Puzikas’ video Beyond The Firearm, it will torque you up real good if you are a Safety Nazi… That cradle carry style isnt about looking cool, it allows comfortable patrol carry of the AK without having it on a fancy 1 point sling and he was demonstrating how fast and easy it is to deploy the weapon at any target in 360 degrees AND still use the safety (which believe it or not is NOT used by most 3rd world troops, so it’s a huge step up in safety) I don’t speak Russian, so I’m not sure exactly what he’s saying, but its pretty clear that this is actually a classroom demonstration discussing that the safety CAN be employed and still be quick… Russians kill Nazis, Safety Nazi’s too!!! Lol,

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I know it’s obviously not loaded in the video. I’m just saying that he’s demonstrating these moves for use in a real environment.

    2. Tomaso Avatar

      Nothing wrong with this presentation…..especially if he showed at the binging of class everything was clear…..heck he even had better trigger discipline then most Russian soldiers I’ve seen on the Internet. It was a very good presentation.

    3. 032125 Avatar

      Big boy rules. Fucking hall monitors.

  3. I’m glad Americans aren’t the only people who are overweight and attempt to be tactical at the same time.

    1. True In Russia body armor comes in three sizes. Size one is starving soldier, Size two is your average soldier, and Size three is fat officer.

  4. He obviously wasn’t treating the gun as if loaded, and pointing it at the camera man (and anyone else that may have been in the room) was stupid. But unless I missed something in the last segment, that gun was clearly not loaded. The mag was empty and the chamber was clear…

  5. I’m not a nitpicker but that’s an AK-74 ;)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’m so bad with the AK platform. How can you tell? The smaller magazine?

      1. JonMac Avatar

        Straighter, not smaller. The big muzzle brake on the end is the other giveaway.

      2. Basically what JonMac said, I only know cause I have a 74 (that I’m actively trying to sell and put toward a nice AR :D ) Also not a dead giveaway but the plastic magazines are generally for the 74, combine that with the muzzle and how “straight” it is then you know.

        1. JonMac Avatar

          Orange bakelite mags for the AKM are (were) pretty common. Then you have the AK-103 confusing matters, as it has the modern black plastic mag, but with a 7.62×39 curve. Though that’s not a Rusmil issue weapon.

          1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

            Cool thanks guys. I’ll try to look for those things next time.

      3. Komodo Saurian Avatar
        Komodo Saurian

        You don’t need to guess. AK-74 is a current RF service rifle and that is a RF army instructor.

  6. bima86 Avatar

    even with subtitles, this video wouldnstill be hard to understand..

  7. Critter Avatar

    once again, Russians trying to get that antique platform to do things it was never intended to do. just saw the AK12. same gun with some rails.

    1. 032125 Avatar

      In the US, users innovate and then make a competitive business out of it, where quality matters. In Russia, being the Putinocracy it has become, it seems that the duck-tape loop of today never becomes the polished and marketed Magpul ranger tab of tomorrow. Ideas get stuck at the ghetto-ingenuity level.

  8. Critter Avatar

    i do like the mustard greens, tho.

  9. I’ll take my Krebs Custom Enhanced AK Selector lever over trying to hit the narrow lip of a standard AK selector under stress any day…and rack up the bolt hold open capability as a bonus. It’s almost unbelievable that 65 years of using the AK platform in the USSR and it’s allies led to almost NO improvements while a mere two decades of quantity availability in the US has led to greatly improved selectors, mag releases, rail systems, etc…if I hadn’t already been convinced that free markets are superior it would be another example I’d have to ignore.

  10. Personally, I prefer AK exactly as issued and I trained almost as instructor shows except NEVER whipped AK around. Krebs safeties, Yugo cutaway safeties, left-side-charging conversions, etc. only make rifle less reliable under field conditions by leaving another hole for mud, sand, etc. Despite remarks on internet forum that “nothing can jam an AK,” sand or mud in the receiver will indeed do so. Aftermarket magazine releases only make it possible to eject a magazine when you do not want it to come out. I could use Polish/Israeli/Chinese wide mag release, but never inside or beside of trigger guard versions. Using magazine as foregrip, just place your thumb on magazine release lever with couple of rounds remaining and squeeze and rock after you hear “click.” Rails are potentially useful, but generally just add weight and girth to otherwise light and handy rifle. Americans like to load them up with every kind of “tactical” clutter, when only bayonet and flashlight are ever needed. Tovarishch Kalashnikov did it right, except all AK rifles need lateral adjustment RPK sight leaf. Civilians must learn to shoot AK as AK or go buy Eugene Stoner’s carbine AR-15 that you like handling. Free market has nothing to do with AK for military use, “upgrades” cause problems in practice. Molot, Izhmash (Kalashnikov Company), Zenitco, Lynx all make parts and some make AK better. Others just make AK more complicated.

    This method does make AK look fancy compared to most Americans’ awkward and choppy handling. It can be refined further, using similar three-stage handling technique. Holding magazine as shown with your right thumb on selector, first set of actions is to push safety down while bringing your left hand up to hold magazine. Yes, works better to hold onto MAGAZINE in combat. In Soviet-Afghan war, RPK operators learned this fast as hand guards caught fire. Hand guards only prevent burning yourself on hot barrel if you slip. Second step is to reach up and rack charging handle with right hand as you drop into kneeling position and shoulder AK rifle. All at once. (Step two and one half with RPK is to drop into prone with bipod.) Third is to aim and fire. I used modern RPK with 4x optic. 600 yards are possible without problems semiautomatic, can ready weapon to fire in one second kneeling or two seconds prone.

    To whoever complains about “Putinocracy,” you prefer Volodya or Barack and Hillary?