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  • Glock x DeWalt Drilled Perfection

    Hahha this is awesome: It is a fully functioning Glock Model 21 .45. No, the drill doesn’t work, but if you point where you want a hole, it can make it happen! Source – Allen Arms Reminds me of the Milwaukee and DeWalt AR-15s that people made a few years back.  I know people would love it if…

  • Redneck Easter Egg Hunt

    Hickok45 walks around his property FPS style with a suppressed G21: Has a conversation with the camera… and shoots some stuff. Looks like a fun retirement this guy has. Hickok45 is one of the few youtubers I don’t get pissed off when I see their videos.  He’s humble, and knows what he’s talking about.

  • More firepower for your .45 caliber Glock

    Tired of being able to shoot 33 rounds with your 9mm but not with your .45? Now you can buy a capacity upgrade kit for your G21 mags from KRISS which will up your magazine round count to 30. The upgrade kit is available for $35.95 – HERE A pre assembled G21 mag and upgrade…