Redneck Easter Egg Hunt

Hickok45 walks around his property FPS style with a suppressed G21:

Has a conversation with the camera… and shoots some stuff.

Looks like a fun retirement this guy has.

Hickok45 is one of the few youtubers I don’t get pissed off when I see their videos.  He’s humble, and knows what he’s talking about.


7 responses to “Redneck Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Retirement, he’s doing it right.

    1. With out a doubt !

  2. Oh that, and PS, when he laughs after shooting the bottles in slow-mo…that made my day.

  3. shooting stuff is fun! :)

  4. Getting excited in monotone if funny.

  5. Note to self, save money for retirement so I can do red-neck Easter-egg hunting every month.

  6. battlewagon Avatar

    living the dream…