More firepower for your .45 caliber Glock

Tired of being able to shoot 33 rounds with your 9mm but not with your .45?

Now you can buy a capacity upgrade kit for your G21 mags from KRISS which will up your magazine round count to 30.

KRISS Super V MagEx G30 Glock 21 Extension Kit 1


The upgrade kit is available for $35.95 – HERE

A pre assembled G21 mag and upgrade kit are available for $66.95 – HERE

G21 mags are around $20 most places now, so if your considering this you could save yourself some money by just buying the upgrade kit from KRISS and the mag elsewhere.




2 responses to “More firepower for your .45 caliber Glock”

  1. mag conversion are great idea

  2. Pablo hernandez Avatar
    Pablo hernandez

    Do you think that clip will fit m&p .45