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  • Doonesbury Characters In Starbucks Again With People Open Carrying Guns

    Doonesbury decides to revisit the Starbucks open carry topic in another useless strip: Doonesbury – Source Yahoos… Morons… loudmouth gun owners?  The tone hasn’t really changed…  Holy his comics are boring. I am not familiar with the characters in Doonesbury, so I looked “Leo” up.  According to Wikipedia’s list of characters: Toggle (real name Leo…

  • More Unrest In Thailand

    [youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25G2D-5iogI[/youtube] Unlike the last time I posted about the Thailand protests (HERE), this time they seem to be carrying guns with ammunition. Those “red shirt” anti-government protesters are definitely bold.

  • TrustoCorp Street Signs

    “Mysterious” street signs appearing all over the U.S. They seem to be playing both sides when it comes to guns: The company (artists?) putting up the signs – TrustoCorp Video on ABC – HERE I wonder if they can get in trouble for doing this?  I think its a neat idea, but it would get…

  • Doonesbury Moved On

    Looks like 6 days worth of Anti gun Starbucks comics was the magic number for him. We can all go back to ignoring that poor excuse for a comic again. The whole 6 day set: Day 1 & 2 – HERE Day 3 – HERE Day 4 – HERE Day 5 – HERE Day 6 – HERE

  • Someone Asked Garry Trudeau Why He Hates Guns

    Apparently there is a “Ask Garry Trudeau” section on the Doonesbury site.  Someone asked the following question: It is clear from this week’s series that GBT is a knee-jerk liberal gun-hater. Why? — R.S., Davenport, IA And got this lame answer from one of Garry’s aides: GBT does not hate guns. He grew up in…

  • Doonesbury Anti Gun Starbucks Comic – Day 6

    And it continues… Arguably the most insulting one yet. Apparently we are morons and yahoos, prone to violence, who carry guns only for intimidation, and their phallic (WTF?!) resemblance. Doonesbury Source – HERE The previous comics: Day 1 & 2 – HERE Day 3 – HERE Day 4 – HERE Day 5 – HERE