TrustoCorp Street Signs

“Mysterious” street signs appearing all over the U.S.

They seem to be playing both sides when it comes to guns:

The company (artists?) putting up the signs – TrustoCorp

Video on ABC – HERE

I wonder if they can get in trouble for doing this?  I think its a neat idea, but it would get pretty distracting if everyone was allowed to put up gag signs everywhere.


6 responses to “TrustoCorp Street Signs”

  1. Ew, this doesn’t even make sense.
    So…what do real women like me use?
    Nothing like a bunch of sexist jagoffs to make a rainy day seem rainier.

    I’ll get off my gender highhorse now, but seriously.

    Hey, on a more positive note: I’m new to the gun blogging community and would love to add you as a link. Maybe you would consider doing the same.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I took a look at your blog and it looks like you definitely have a good foundation to build off of. I think the topic of your blog will be a hit.

      If you wanted to ad me to your blogroll I would appreciate it. I don’t currently have a blogroll because I follow a LOT of blogs, and I really would rather not alienate anyone by not adding them to my list.

      I added you to my RSS feed though, so when I see a post on your blog that I like Ill make sure to mention it on my blog and give you a “hat tip”.

  2. They might not be playing both sides of the issue. Given the message in the second sign the word “ARMS” on the first sign might be literal. I use to consider carrying a bear arm for self defense :)

    1. That’s what I was thinking as well – arms as in what hangs off the shoulder socket, not what’s in the shoulder holster.

      1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
        Admin (Mike)

        Yea the sign is definitely worded poorly, but I’m pretty sure they don’t mean carrying actual limbs around :P

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Hmmmm if you are right I think ill have to get a set of crab arms. I like your idea of bear arms, but I don’t want to be a copycat. :grin: