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  • Drying Off A Sig Sauer Pro

    In an electric oven: (Source) So 20 min at 400 F is too hot for a Sig… I wonder if my Glocks could handle that.  I better try it.  *facepalm* Why someone would opt to use an oven rather than a rag is beyond me. Any of you guys ever seen (or done) something similar?

  • Bass Pro Shops Customer Has Negligent Discharge

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Authorities said a woman was injured in an accidental shooting Sunday at a store that specializes in hunting and fishing gear in Rancho Cucamonga. The incident happened at 3:45 p.m. at the Bass Pro Shop when a customer brought two of his own guns to the shop to use at the…

  • TrustoCorp Street Signs

    “Mysterious” street signs appearing all over the U.S. They seem to be playing both sides when it comes to guns: The company (artists?) putting up the signs – TrustoCorp Video on ABC – HERE I wonder if they can get in trouble for doing this?  I think its a neat idea, but it would get…

  • Interesting Anti-war Posters

    I am not anti-war, I thought these ads were neat though… very interesting concept. The following 4 posters are designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the Iraq war. What they look like around poles:

  • Retro Winchester Christmas Ad

    They really need to bring ads like this back.  The 2nd amendment of the constitution hasn’t changed, why should gun advertising be so radically different? Hat Tip: Today’s Inspiration

  • Using Modified Spent Casings as Hearing Protection

    R Lee Ermey from the History Channel show Lock & Load: Making your own: What I Did: I started off with my favorite set of ear plugs The Com-fit AB corded ear plugs. DB 26 rating. Then took my Px4 outside and fired 2 rounds into the hillside as to retrieve 2 spent .40 s&w…