Doonesbury Moved On

Looks like 6 days worth of Anti gun Starbucks comics was the magic number for him.

We can all go back to ignoring that poor excuse for a comic again.

The whole 6 day set:

Day 1 & 2 – HERE
Day 3 – HERE
Day 4 – HERE
Day 5 – HERE
Day 6 – HERE


2 responses to “Doonesbury Moved On”

  1. Sunday strips are always “out of sequence”- in other words, not part of the regular storyline, if the strip has one. This is because some papers don’t run all their strips on Sunday- bigger strips take up more space, so they run fewer of them.

    Not every paper does, of course, but enough do that very few comics try to keep the Sunday strip as part of the storyline continuity. Watterson demanded that sort of thing for “Calvin & Hobbes”, but that was also in part because he enjoyed the Sundays more- the bigger panels gave him more room to be creative.

    But still, a week is about the max for a “side topic” like this for Doonesbury. Considering the lead time for comics (one to two weeks between writing and printing in the paper) I’d wager this coming week will have something to do with the health care bill.


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I’ll have to check back tomorrow and see if they picked the starbucks story up again then, even though like you said its probably done.