James Gun Shorts Reeves TFBTV Mailroom With Some ENDO

TFBTV mailroom sesh with some ENDO on it:

The episode starts with a sour beer.  Sour beers are definitely my preference.  Oregon in general is very IPA centric, but a lot of breweries at least normally have at least one or two sours they rotate in seasonally – shout out my two favs pFriem and Ferment.  When I go to California in winter I can’t believe the selection they have at some of the breweries there… it’s insane.  I’m going to shout out Belching Beaver and Indian Joe‘s because those are the two that came to mind that continually blow my mind in CA.

I always enjoy these mailroom vids when I watch them.  Figured it was a good time to post one since I sent a couple things in.  Man talk about a fail for not writing anything funny to insert into the package like literally EVERYONE else does 😬… whoops oh well I had a lot going on, I’ll write something funny next time.  Nice of James to shout out ENDO Apparel and say he enjoys the blog so much… I’m always happy that James and the other 6 of you plus my mom continue to support my high class online journalism.  I definitely will try not to take as many days off.  I’m working on a lot of new stuff right now though… so it seems that leaves less time for blogging, unless I stay up way too late.

11:20 – LOL someone sent in gradient pink shorts in a Victoria’s secret box.  James handles it all like a sir, and even puts them on.

Thoughts? Man, TFBTV youtube is always killing it with the content.