Combat Shroud For Law Enforcement


The combat shroud from Predator Defense – $249.  I wanted to hate this idea, because I thought it was going to be purely some mall ninja shit for the sheephitters; the type of thing FuNKeR usually promotes.  From what the guys are saying in the video though, it seems to me that it does have some definite law enforcement merits.  Sure on such a large scale, changing out holsters for everyone that runs this is going to be expensive, but I’m sure some departments will immediately see the benefits outweigh the cost.  As usual this is purely my mom’s basement perspective, so if you’re actually out there in the field mixing it up with badguys you’d actually have an opinion that matters.  A major flaw I can see is definitely the cost… at $249 that’s almost 1/2 the price of a Glock at RETAIL.  Maybe predator defense has some department discount and it cuts the price by a huge amount?

It appears that you have to remove the front sight of the Glock (or whatever handgun you’re putting this on) and put on a higher rise rear one.  Not a huge deal if you don’t plan on ever taking the combat shroud off.

The front press check guys are going to hate it because they can’t fiddle with that area with their hands anymore haha.

Thoughts?  Crunch the numbers, dive deep into the data, pour over the spreadsheets and get back at me ok fellas?  Law enforcement guys, what do you think?