AK-224 800 Yard Shooting With An AK

Brandon pulls up long range:

Always supporting ENDO… Monica 😎🚬.  I’ll have to bring that shirt back again.  It sold out a while ago, and I was making room for the new designs so I shelved it for the time being.

13:08 – Brandon confirms that he doesn’t do the videos for money.  He does them for sport.  I’ve mentioned a lot in the past how that’s my own personal philosophy on content creation of any type, and that I feel that is 100% the only way to go.  If you do something you enjoy, and others enjoy it too, the money will follow.

14:32 – He came up with the idea of giving away the custom project rifles to his Patreon supporters.  Wow that’s generous, and an amazing idea.

Thoughts? I think Brandon needs his own custom branded hair pomade for men, and maybe like a dry shampoo for women.