Oh Wow Another Bulletproof Product Demonstration

This genius 👇:

“Neva Bin DoNe BefO”.  Like my dude Andrew said in an email to me “Next viral internet challenge”… I sure hope not 😂.

I definitely do believe that he actually did shoot himself, but holy he’s bad on camera.  The softshell he’s wearing in the video is $329 on their website.  Their stuff all actually isn’t bad looking… It’s no Stone Island (my all time favorite brand for outerwear), but it’s definitely wearable.  The panels thankfully don’t make the items looks ridiculously bulky.

Thoughts?  You copping?  I’ll continue to get sick Stone Island and Arc’teryx Veilance fits off, acting like I’m not afraid I’m going to catch a stray when up posted up sipping a latte at the new spot on the fringe of the hood.

Gat tip: Quasimofo