Taking A Look At Bulletproof Backpacks

VICE took a look (me: ducks incoming eggs being thrown).  The video is actually pretty useless… I watched the whole thing while writing the post, but thought I better warn you:

0:05 – Damn we’re 5 seconds in and I already see VICE missed the perfect opportunity to load the rounds into the HK magazine backwards.  You young guys make sure to click the thumbnail of the post to see what I’m talking about.

0:20 – Why exactly is it “sad” that a backpack can stop a bullet? 🤔 . He actually does elaborate later on, and I like what he’s saying about parents essentially giving up because they see being shot at school as the new normal.

Bulletblocker is the company in the video.  Imagine if they added some kevlar to some of the new Supreme backpacks?

6:50 – This VICE kid is losing his mind how messed up it is they they shot a backpack.