Firing a 2 inch Gun In Slow Motion

0.07 Caliber.  PULL UP 😤🚗💨💨💨:

The video is actually much more interesting than I thought it would be.  It would be cool if someone made a pinfire semi-auto.  I googled it and it seems like people make semi-auto pin fire replicas, but they are still single shot.

haha I like the open carry joke he made (3:36)… that would be so sick to get kicked out of Mall of America on video while having a conversation with mall security about the 0.07 caliber pinfire in the custom kydex drop leg holster you’re rocking.  “TRAIN LIKE YOU FIGHT”.

The SlowMoGuys have a lot of fun.  Quite a few gun and explosive related videos too, which is a bonus.