Spiteful Bear Eats Kayak After It Gets Pepper sprayed

hahahha this is amazing:

Abe-Lincoln-Riding-Grizzly-Bear-Holding-GunThat bear gives precisely -53 shits.   I can’t say by watching the video if she had enough throw on that pepper spray to actually hit the bear, but regardless it goes to show that yelling and pepper spray probably are not your best only line of defense if you encounter a bear and you want to stay alive.  I bet a loud gun shot would have had that bear in the woods quickly.  Who knows what the rules in “Berg Bay, Alaska” are though… maybe she would have had the police up her ass if she discharged a firearm to scare the bear in order to save her kayak?  Warning shot or not, that definitely won’t go over well in many places even when dealing with wildlife.