Mom Buys Son Shitty Gift And Is Mad After Free Surprise Ammo Shows Up

Ugggggggggggggh *facepalm*

Toys R’ Us, you guys are scholars and gentlemen.  Whoever was packing that sword in the shipping department, probably saw the the gift message “Happy 7th Birthday Connor!!!” and was like *glances at shitty Minecraft sword*…. *hesitates**dumps 800 rounds of Sellier And Bellot 9mm into box*  *whispers* “Happy Birthday kid… Happy Birthday…” *stares wistfully into distance while reminiscing about his own childhood*.   ARGH Damnit Jasemin… now you’re going to get that good samaritan at Toys R’ Us fired over your fake outrage.  Or maybe not though… Toys R’ Us actually handled it like G’s so far.  “We’re looking into the matter” is basically lawyer talk for “GTFO of here Jasemin, you should have let us bless Connor with the 9mm.  Instead he’s going to get wedgies and swirlies at school over that weak-ass sword you bought him.  Nice work Mom of the year.”.

9mm-and-.40-CaliberI hope that kid grows up to be a gun guy, and never lets his mom forget the day she ruined his 7th birthday.  Oh and by the time he’s 18 I’m guessing 9mm will be about $5 per round, which will make it hurt even more.