Instructor Zero Uses A Parachute To Increase His Drag

He’s too highspeed and has too little drag.  Homie realized he needed to slow his roll:

0:00 – Oh lawwwwd ya running with a parachute.  I like this video already.

0:32 – How degrading would it be, to have “Instructor Zero’s derp parachute holder” on your resume? *smh*

The filming style of this whole video has a “internet stalker-in-the-bushes” type feel to it.  Kinda gave me the creeps.  I bet the music was loud just so we couldn’t hear heavy breathing.

1:05 – AHAHHAHA the man is wearing the gasmask on this run.  Gold Jerry… gold.  Looks like the marketing engineer back at IZHQ is purring along nicely… I can’t wait for it to redline again like in the past.  The crests and troughs with this guys internet trolling career are legendary.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereThose tactical tights he’s wearing are very risqué.  1/10 would not operate within 100 yards of, since I’m not trying to see the outline of Zero’s junk.