Larry Vuitton DPs For Over 21 Minutes With The DP-12 Shotgun

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-Parody0:14 – Hotter than a mofo out there.  Dude sweat a city skyline on that hat, looking like Dallas TX.

0:28 – Holy crap… not even 30 seconds into the video and he’s already raining blows of slow motion to our faces.

0:44 – AHHHHHHHHHHH the marketing is taking control of my body… my hand is going to my wallet… About to buy twelve of these things and I don’t even know if Larry is going to say they suck or not!!!!

1:37 – Those speed cuts he put in the wood on his 870 are looking one hunnid.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-Sunglasses15:46 – Larry talking about trying to force some failures here by replicating real life use scenarios

19:34 – Talks about G6Vids’ problems, but doesn’t mention his name.

ZERO ISSUES. Did Larry get paid to make this review?  Did Larry use Crisco for lubrication in this video? Does he still use FireClean?  Three of the major unanswered questions on my mind.