Things Which Will Never Replace A Down Range Cameraman

Camera equipped drones / quadcopters.  A Texas shooting range tries one out:

*scoff* like a machine with a camera on it could do as well as James Yeager’s Jay Gibson. PREPOSTEROUS I SAY. *eye roll*

They got some cool footage in the video.   If we’re talking camera equipped quadcopters, and you care about this topic… this is a must see:

bubbles-trailer-park-boysThey mounted a Phantom Flex4k on a custom quadcopter!  So much carbon fiber I love it.  BrainFarm (the guys in the above video) is actually the company to made the Zev Tech video I posted about recently.



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  1. There is a guy that occasionally comes out to 37PSR in NC and will use a drone for recording some of our matches. It is cool because he can get the down range perspective. Or you get to watch yourself go through a shoot house like this:

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    Anonymous Coward

    3 Gun Nation’s got cameras on quadcopters for their stuff.

  3. I have a much less expensive version of one of those. They can be difficult to use, especially in the wind. To get a nice model be prepared to spend thousands. The FAA has a lot of regulations on how drones can be used commercially. Amazon wants to start using drones to deliver products.