Suppressors To Keep Creepy Cooter At Bay

LOL introducing Creepy Cooter into the videos was the best move Matt ever made.  Ahahah him and his buddies have a lot of fun with it too.  Good to see.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO3:05 – Oh shit now it’s official Cooter is gay.  I’m sure if I had more time to skim the 500+ comments there would be some butthurt about having a gay character, constantly excluding him, then killing his love interest #ItGetsBetter.  Internet controversy is my favorite.

If you’re interested, Matt’s buddy is wearing an ENDO Apparel M16 hat.  Oh and he curved the brim!  I get questions about that all the time… like guys have never curved a brim before.  It’s really not that big of deal just curve it to your liking the first few times you wear it and the curve will stay put.


2 responses to “Suppressors To Keep Creepy Cooter At Bay”

  1. Safetyfirst Avatar

    Sweet hat. Do you do them forward only or can I order a peak at the back one?

  2. TheBear Avatar

    Those mannequins are creepy af.