Going Through The Paces With A Bowling Ball Canon

FPS Russia does it just to do it:

Ehhhh / Meh.  I don’t know, it was cool I guess?  I think I mention this every time now, but FPS Russia really doesn’t have any heart in this game anymore.  His videos still get over a million views though, and several thousand comments so I imagine the money is still coming in all kinds of ways.

FPS-RussiaAt least most of the videos he’s doing are different than “I bought the new _____… watch me shoot it and give my opinion on it” type videos everyone else is doing.  I suppose he might just be annoyed and disappointed he’s running out of cool weapons to make videos about.  The high you’d get from shooting a mini gun from the hip and getting almost 13 Million views / 22 thousand comments is something I can’t even fathom.  1 Million views and a couple thousand comments after that is probably like a why even bother feeling?



4 responses to “Going Through The Paces With A Bowling Ball Canon”

  1. WangChung Avatar

    Although FPSrussia isn’t as exciting or unique as he was years ago I still thought it was a great video!

    The worst part of the video is the bad acting. if he could act and inject some emotion into that character then it would be much better. But it seems like all his energy just goes into doing the stupid basic crappy russian thing and he’s not capable of going above and beyond that.

    1. WangChung Avatar

      I must add that his thumbnail and title were so crappy that I didn’t even notice his video in my subscriber feed. I just went back to verify if it was even there. Yes it was. But it was totally underwhelming and easy to skip over considering how much better all the other thumbnail images were in my feed.

  2. Vitsaus Avatar

    Youtube needs to be disable for about a year so people can stop worshipping all that is asinine for just long enough to detox.

  3. TheBear Avatar

    Every time I see his videos now where he doesn’t really care and is just going through the motions I wonder what he will do when he’s too old for these vids anymore. I mean, what do you put on your resume after being FPS Russia? “I blew shit up for a few years on youtube”. Good luck getting a management gig with that.