TacRack Glock Slide Racking Aid

Not the first of it’s kind, but definitely the nicest looking:

I’m still one of those “it’s not broken so don’t fix it” type guys when it comes to anything Glock.  Even the generation 4’s very existence makes me shiver because the gen3 was basically perfect.  Anyway, I do see how something like this TackRack could come in handy for various reasons mentioned.  Sure you’re adding a potential “snag” point, but that’s the catch-22 in this situation because that’s the whole reason you’d be putting it on in the first place.



I lost a bit of respect when I saw the options for engraving were “Punisher, Don’t Tread On Me, and the US flag.”  Two out of those three engravings are in the basic bitch starter kit for laser engravers.   I’m cool with the flag, in case there was confusion.  At least there’s no witty anti-Obama slogan, or “from my cold dead hands”, “molon labe”, or “come and take it”.

While I’m making fun of shit, I always get a kick out of when people use such phrases as (2:23) “Making it easier to gain positive purchase on the slide”…. Oh get the fuck over yourself and just say “get a good grip on the slide”, no one is impressed by “positive purchase” Phil, got it? haha

You can grab one of these things at Wright Shooting Concepts for $30, or $35 with the very rare engraving of your choice discussed earlier.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Gat tip: Adam


23 responses to “TacRack Glock Slide Racking Aid”

  1. This looks like this would help the wife, she has rheumatoid arthritis and finds racking her Glock painfully and difficult.

    1. It is refreshing to find more than one POSITIVE comment on this product line rather than the customary anonymous bashing. Yes, I agree, it has a practical application for your wife if she suffers from such a painful condition are rheumatoid arthritis. It would probably be a welcome improvement/upgrade to her handgun and work toward making range time more enoyable for her (and YOU).

  2. Another product that no one needs.

  3. Slide rackers are a thing because Open division guns have optics that preclude using the conventional method. The person who made this probably saw one and didn’t realize what the racker was for.

  4. As Tim stated. People with some types of disabilities will find it useful.

  5. triggernoob Avatar

    More gimmicky shit. How ’bout you reach down and grab a hold. Grab a hold of it like your crank.

    1. Regulus Avatar

      Lol corn on the cox

  6. Jollyroger Avatar

    This isn’t due. Gun at local gun shop has one because of his arthritis

  7. I never thought about such a thing … until I tried to rack my Glock with a little oil on my hands. It was very hard to keep a purchase on the slide. Interestingly, I had no trouble racking the other gun I was working on that evening (Lionheart LH9C).

    What if you’re injured? Substitute blood for the, and you might have an issue with the Glock slide. Personally, I’d rather have deeper grooves machined in one rather than sticking a gormy t-handle on the back, but the point is relevant.

    1. I put a few patches of skateboard grip tape on mine (so operator right?) after I encountered the same problem. No residue, cheap, and you can always replace it.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha you got me with the “purchase” Rich haha. I agree on the deeper machine grooves. I’ve seen M&P style fishscales CNC’d into glock slides which look pretty nice. Nicer than the factory curved serrations they made for a while.

  8. This one-handed slide manipulation shit is kind of like “stop drop & roll” when you were a kid–something that’s taught & practiced a lot, but really you’ll most likely never need it.

    1. Vitsaus Avatar

      The other thing about one handed that no one ever mentions is that odds are the other guy shooting at you isn’t being delayed by trying to reload one handed, and is probably only missing because he’s laughing so hard and hearing Benny Hill music in his head while you’re doing your one handed operations.

  9. Why you hatin’ on the Gen 4, Mike? Gaston be like “Perfection is perfected, so I’mma let ’em understand…”

  10. The guy that designed this is a former LE officer and Master in IDPA; he kinda knows guns. If you’ve ever racked the slide on a VP9 with the little wings, they certainly help. Especially if you’re wearing gloves, it’s super cold, or your hands are sweaty. The importance of 1 handed pistol manipulations are kinda blown out of proportion, but I bet this makes them much easier.

    1. I appreciate a POSITIVE posting by an individual who looked at the product for what it is and found not just something to bash it about, but a practical use for varying reasons. A refreshing read in comparison to the majority of these postings. Thanks!

  11. cardsfanbj Avatar

    They did something like this on Sons of Guns (back before the shit hit the fan for them) for someone who had a disability where they couldn’t grip it and rack it normally. Their version was eye broccoli (that’s the opposite of eye candy, right? Was that on HIMYM?) that was just 2 sticks welded onto the rear of the frame. But it worked, anyway.

  12. “Would operate with?”


  13. jim bob Avatar

    i would be afraid it would catch on the notches in my hat, as i indexed the firearm at my temple. i would however be willing to operate arthriticly with.

  14. Mike Hunt Avatar
    Mike Hunt

    Seems pretty ridiculous to me.

  15. Basic LEO and military police training incorporates the requirement to rack the slide with your non-dominant hand and re-load a magazine from the crook of your inner knee from the
    non-firing opposite side of your body while kneeling to simulate your primary firing hand/arm being taken out of commission. While I will probably upset some of the web site posters, it would appear that several of the comments made here are obviously from those with non-combat or zero LEO backgrounds or training. This was a well thought out and practical item. It might be a useful tool for some women or the elderly who lack the physical strength to rack the slide without some resistance or difficulty, or those with diabetic nerve damage or arthritis in their hands. Rather than knocking this product line you should consider asking yourself what was the last item you successfully marketed within the firearms industry? Rate the product and get on with your life. I have nearly 37 consecutive years of military police, law enforcement and corrections experience and training, so any bashing of myself or the comment I posted will not phase me. Have at it!

  16. I only have 2 fingers on my left hand (which BTW makes the perfect natural rifle hold). I have a Glock and have enough strength to rack, but this will make it 1 safer and 2 easier.

  17. This looks like a good tool to use on the Glocks. I have suffered a gun shot shot wound to my hand and now I have trouble gripping the slide. This looks like it should help. A lot of people are bashing it but one thing to remember is that everyone’s hand gun is there own. It’s apart of you and a extension of your self make it how you like and what works best for you. The only thing I wish was different was to be able to have one custom ingraved.