Mythbusters Curves The Bullet

By curving the barrel:

Here’s how they bend the barrel in Adam’s sword forge.  LOL only Adam would have a sword forge… dude has so many hobbies, interests, and lots of money to match:


Interesting that the 45 degree barrel speed and the 90 degree barrel speed was the same.  Or is that not interesting?  Sometimes I think I forget all the university physics I took in order to make way for other stuff, so simple things that impress me probably shouldn’t.

Gat tip: Say Uncle


6 responses to “Mythbusters Curves The Bullet”

  1. TheBear Avatar

    I wish I had Adam’s money or was just friends with him. He is into a lot of the same stuff I am.

  2. Bro-ham Avatar

    Not sure why this is a myth? The US Army had dabbled in bent barrel shooting guns in WWII. They modified an M3 grease gun with (what looks like) a 90 degree bent barrel for shooting around corners and such. IIRC, those barrels got trashed after a couple hundred rounds through them and weren’t very accurate, hence why it never caught on.

    If that was already covered in the Myth Busters episode, whatever, I didn’t see that particular one :)

  3. Stopped watching these morons 7 years ago after they both went on nbc in LA to state everyone doesn’t need guns.
    …..except for cops etc.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ugh I missed that. I’ll have to google it in a minute thanks.

  4. Didn’t I see something on the History Channel about this. That the Germans during WW2 used a bent barrel on like an SG44 so tankers could spray down the side of a tank from inside the tank.