FN P90 – The Only Review You’ll Ever Need To Watch

Carnik Con nails it:

CarniK-Con-YouTubeHaha good stuff.  Man that thing is quick in Auto.

The P90 with the short barrel looks SO much better than the PS90 with that goofy 14″er


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  1. Dugan comments that nobody is buying the ps90. The civilian version looks dumb and the ammo is super expensive. I like the idea of the p90 and FiveSeven, but the ammo has them basically DOA. It’s FN’s fault to boot because they wouldn’t let anyone else make 5.7 until the last year or two. Get the price down to 115gr 9mm and we’ll talk.

    1. Big Jimmy Avatar

      yup, only reason to get one is to SBR it immediately. I can almost get past not having that totally sweet full auto but SBR is key. Dugan linked to a place in Oregon that does it.

    2. Blame the Germans for blocking NATO adoption of the 5.7x28mm round. Even though the FN developed round was proven in tests to be superior to H&K’s 4.6x30mm round. If 5.7 had been standardized and adopted, there would been more production resulting in lower cost and greater availability.

      1. Good ideas don’t require NATO adoption to gain market access. FN just thought they’d have a nice monopoly if the 5.7 was a hit and prevented others from manufacturing it for the civilian market. They waited too long to let Federal/AE make it, and they lost market share because of it. Now it barely costs $800 to build an AR 9mm and there’s no reason to buy a ps90 unless you just gotta have a 5.7.

    3. its getting there. According to gun buddy, sgammo is selling federal ammo at 40 cents per round.

      Me, I love it so I can geek out SG1/Atlantis style.

      1. Mechanically Avatar

        I think this is without a doubt the single best reason to own a PS90…

  2. Jim Jones Avatar

    “My body is a temple!” Hahahahaha! Dugan is the best. By far.

  3. Mechanically Avatar

    I’m just happy he’s back with new videos. I’d just about worn out the old ones on his channel.

  4. I wonder what percentage of “civilian” versions of guns such as the P90, KRISS Vector, etc are immediately cut down to SBR size by their owners, without the paperwork.

    1. probably not that many. Getring caught with an illegal SBR buys you a stay in the graybar hotel and permanent loss of gun rights. Not worth it. Assuming SBRs are legal in your state, the $200 stamp is not that tough a pill to swallow and turn time for an electronic Form 1 filed by a trust is in the 2-3 month range now.

  5. Stuart Anderson Avatar
    Stuart Anderson

    That is an awesome gun I want one, with a tax stamp.

  6. “He hates these cans! Stay away from the cans!” – Navin Johnson

  7. lolinski Avatar

    The P90 would have been more popular/widespread if they made it in 9×19 and then just made saboted ammo to fulfill the “pierce armor at 200 meters” demand. Barring that, they could have made it in 7.62×25 Tokarev. Would have been much better that way.

  8. What’s in the magazines in the opening video pic? Paintballs?

    1. Skittles.