Alternative Ballistics – Because Sometimes Criminals Deserve A Break

A kinder gentler way to stop the threat:

Once the weapon is fired; the bullet embeds itself inside the projectile with no chance of escaping, simultaneously transferring the bullet’s energy, propelling it directly at the target. Once the bullet is fired from the gun into the projectile they permanently become one unit. The docking unit will automatically eject from the weapon and the firearm returns to its normal function before it cycles in a new round. Keep in mind this occurs when lethal force is already justified.

1:01 – Shot him with actual bullets.. Yea obviously.

1:07 – Since when do cops not take advancing scumbags with knives seriously?  If someone is coming at you with a knife you have to assume they want to kill you, not cut up lettuce for a salad you guys will eat together.

1:13 – Awwwww how nice of the cop to warn the scumbag with “LESS LETHAL!  LESS LETHAL!” *smh*

I don’t know about you guys… but if someone deserves to be shot because of something they are doing, I’d rather see them 6ft under than in jail or a hospital.  At least after the first shot with this derp device you’ll have real rounds on deck ready to make holes.  Sadly, it might be too late at that point depending on where shot #1 with the clown nose landed.

Alternative-Ballistics-Clown-NoseAlternative Ballistics is the company that sells this clown nosed product.  Click through to read lots more info on it.   Oh look, they are testing it in Ferguson, MO *eye roll*.


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  1. Stranger Danger STRANGER DANGER…pew pew.

  2. There’s no shortage of stupid ideas, that’s for sure.

  3. um isnt this why police carry tazers, batons , oc spray and bean bag projectiles?

    i can see this stopping a firearm from functioning properly. if anything its another thing that can go wrong in a stressful situation.

    1. Plus the Rule 2 violation.

      Also the sim has them attaching the unit in a stressful situation. Not only is there a risk of injuring your hand by muzzling it, but I can see attaching this thing wrong and either messing up the gun, deploying the less-lethal incorrectly, or a catastrophic failure.

  4. Cops don’t even us their tazers any more (if you believe the news)

  5. Only works for 1 shot.
    “I fired in his general direction with the less lethal first, so it’s justified, right?”

    1. LOL – yeah good point.

  6. Big Jimmy Avatar

    Thoughts? Dumb idea. I recognize that people want a magical way to immediately stop a threat that does not result in death but that does not exist. You have someone get lit up by three officers with M&P45s and not die but someone get hit by a Taser and die from cardiac arrest.

    Humans are violent creatures and that is why murder is illegal.

    There is a reason less than lethal options and lethal options are kept separate. That is why (in my department at least) Tasers are kept opposite side from handguns on the duty belt (remember Oakland cop?). It’s why the less than lethal bean bag shotguns are separate that the regular lethal shotguns and issued separately. Additionally, you do not deploy less than lethal coverage unless you have lethal coverage first. Also, don’t forget a less than lethal bean bag round can still be lethal if shot in the head or chest (same as this thing). Officers are trained to hit muscle over bone areas, same as in ASP baton training. In this video, the knife baddie was still shot in the chest with this “thing”. That would be considered a lethal shot under department policy and the courts.

    Confusing the two is only going to make things worse. It’s interesting that Ferguson decided to get their name attached to this. If Wilson had this “thing” the outcome would not be any different. Brown shrugged off the first several hits until a “T-ZONE” shot ended the confrontation.

  7. thatturahguy Avatar

    I wonder how many GLOCKABOOMs occurred during the R&D on this… and how many officers will put a slug through their hand, because they kept their booger hook on the bang switch while placing the “clown nose” on the gun.

  8. triggernoob Avatar

    So how many guys are gonna pull it out at a backyard bbq and start shooting each other on a bet. WTF

  9. Has this been produced, or is it just a concept? I see nothing but the cartoon showing it in action. Do the developers know that Flubber isn’t real?

  10. GuruOGuns Avatar

    It is being made there are other videos showing it being shot for real. Besides all the other concerns, if a LEO has these and is in a shooting where he doesn’t use it for whatever reason, not enough time etc, he will be flogged for not using his “non lethal” option even worse than now with the tasers and pepper spray.

  11. Leatherwing Avatar

    If this thing is not correctly installed, would it be possible to have two projectiles (the bullet and the clown nose) traveling along unpredictable paths? After firing this thing, how long is officer supposed to wait before firing the round that was just chambered? Will the officer have the discipline to fire once and wait? Should he be expected to wait? Will he be vilified for firing a lethal round when he still has two clown-nosed objects attached to his belt (Why did you shoot him, you had additional less-lethal options)?

  12. So I followed the link.
    According to the company CEO, no human has ever been shot with it, but it will “very rarely penetrate the skin”.
    Well geez bro – put your money where your mouth is.
    Reminds me of this guy (skip to 3:00):
    The article also states that it is effective to a range of 30ft. Now I’m not in the best of shape, but I would be willing to bet that in the amount of time it would take the average cop to draw his side arm, draw the clown nose, affix to side arm, and get a good site picture, I could probably close that 30ft. distance to 0ft.
    This thing is a travesty. I can hear it now:
    Lawyer: “Officer, after you tried mace, then your taser, then bean bags, why did you not deploy your department issued clown nose before you fatally shot Mr. Daisysunshinecabbagepatchkid?”

  13. looks like it should be called “The Nubbler”

  14. Cop: “Less Lethal! Less Lethal!”
    Knife Guy: “Challenge Accepted!” Takes the shot, charges officer, stabs officer in neck three times, officer gets buried on the moral high ground while not being crucified in the media for using lethal force.
    Why not simply remove all lethal options? This way there is never any question as to which “type” of force was exerted.
    Problem solved.

  15. silent pisser Avatar
    silent pisser


  16. don’t you think any self respecting crazy, hell bent on getting a cop will chance the shot from the clown nose. I mean it is nice and orange so the crazy will know immediately he gets a freebee.

  17. Why wouldn’t you just load a rubber bullet or two as the last round(s) in the magazine?

  18. Tom in MKE Avatar

    What does it cost?