Targets On Round Remix And Parody

Remember the Advanced Operator Maneuvers From The Back Seat Of A Vehicle? How could you forget!?



Back-Seat-Operator-Maneuver-Dallas-LloydDallas Lloyd of Premier Tactical Group was the original guy.  I can’t wait until he comes out with more comedy… the internet needs him.

Targets on round.


Gat tip: Mitori


12 responses to “Targets On Round Remix And Parody”

  1. LongBeach Avatar

    I wasn’t able to view the original video cuz it was taken down so fast, but holy FUCK that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever fucking seen. Where can I pay to train there?

  2. Grindstone Avatar

    Dat knee slide doe

  3. This video is pure gold. It’s internet Oscar worthy.

  4. He probably learned that whole things from Bateman and his sulsa do training.

  5. Sheepdog6 Avatar

    Dallas=would not operate with
    Beards=would operate with

  6. id like to see dance moves made in to shooting stances, seeing some operator moving down range doing the worm firing a glock or spinning around out your back like a break dancer being propelled by belt fed/full auto

  7. Jim Jones Avatar

    This is why I love the internetz. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. It’s a cold wold out there for posers.

  8. Yep! He had to have made this troll-gold video on purpose, right?! Yikes

  9. Squirreltakular Avatar

    The Carnikcon is strong with this McBeards guy. I like.

    1. Grindstone Avatar

      Probably a student of the Super Carbine Course.

  10. HouHef45 Avatar

    So the real question…When does this Beards McOperator guy teach a class near me?

  11. it's my day off Avatar
    it’s my day off

    F- = A+