Egg Nog And Candy Cane Trollture Test

Mattv2099 got festive:

futurama_santa-gun3:57 – LOL.  That should be a selectable feature… firing the slide off.

I can’t help but be reminded when I watch his vids, why I always buy new rather than used items.

What do you think the possibility that Gaston knows who Mattv2099 is?  I think it’s quite possible.  I’d love to see them meet a SHOT some year, and Gaston be like a real gentleman about it and a huge fanboy and want a picture with Matt.  He would then offer to fly Matt out to Austria to see production and give one of every new model that ever comes out for his own Trollture T&E, as long as he reports back with the results.


4 responses to “Egg Nog And Candy Cane Trollture Test”

  1. I met a guy who customizes glocks and claims to have met gaston at shot or somewhere like that. Said he was a huge dong and pissed that anyone would think to modify glock perfection. Gaston is prob that dude that was stalking Matt and shoving things in the mouth of his picture in a barn.

  2. “Douche liberally with eggnog”… I almost shit my pants laughing, thank God I didn’t have coffee this morning. lol

  3. FWIW I met Herr Glock at one of the early Glock matches in Conyers GA back in 1997. I tried to talk to him in German and when he saw I was struggling a bit he suggested we just his English was good enough we could just have our conversation that way,. He was decent to me and my dad and wasn’t surrounded by bodyguards that I could see anyway. That was the early days of the GSSF. I remember my dad commenting afterwards that he thought he resembled Fred Astaire.

  4. This past august, I got a phone call when I was on TDY about some eggnog at my desk. Turns out, someone had taken undrank eggnog in December, 2013, and hid it behind my monitor and computer. Also turns out, even they forgot they did it. Come August, the IT people found it, almost puked, word got around, people thought I was gross. And that is my eggnog story.