Why Revolvers Suck

Yeager is back shittin on stuff:

James-Yeager-Quite-Formidable-ArmyI don’t have much experience with revolvers but it sounds like the points he made were valid. *shrug*

Did he get that XXX-Smedium shirt design body painted on by someone at Tactical Response, or do they call a person in to do that?

All guns should be Glocks all Glocks should be 9mm?


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  1. SittingDown Avatar

    “I have such deep thoughts.” -Owen Wilson Yeager

  2. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Totally valid points. I’m a 1911 guy and a revolver guy, though. I simply like revolvers for what they are, how they operate, and how they look. Every situation calls for different equipment and it is everyone’s job to know pros and cons to determine what’s right for them in that given situation. Of course there are inherent limitations with a revolver, just like there are with a Glock or 1911 – it’s all depends on the situation and personal preference. For pistol events/competition I’d use a 1911. For target work, I may use a larger revolver. I’ll use my S&W j-frame if I’m having trouble concealing my compact 1911 because of my particular outfit at that moment. No need to beat this point to death, but I do hear what James is saying about a FIGHTING PISTOL. There are limitations in that situation.

  3. it’s true, i hate revolvers because they suck. Once in a while I’ll get a student in my nra pistol class with a judge or something…2″ 357 for the little lady or whatever. I love telling them they’re not more reliable or easier to handle or reload and that they actually have as many moving parts as an autoloading gun. The only time I’ll endorse a revolver as a choice for a shooter is if they simply can’t pull a slide back on a semiauto…like my mother. Wish they’d go away. Tired of hearing macho mountain men around here talking about “All I need for a bear is these 5 rounds of 454 casull and that bear’s toast!” ..because they’ll have the time to get that bigass gun off their chest holster in time and be able to rattle off 5 rounds as fast as they can pull the trigger at a charging bear going 35mph 20 feet away! lol And on that subject, I think after seeing some bears recently, I’d like to just carry a spear (like in The Edge movie) for bear defense.

  4. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    Yeager forgets that not all guns are built for the same purpose and a lot of people partake in shooting sports for different sorts of recreational purposes alongside self defense.

    I enjoy shooting revolvers. I don’t really carry them anymore and I feel the points he makes are already obvious to any experienced shooter. However, there is no reason to speak of revolvers so disparagingly in a way that would discourage a new shooter from enjoying a revolver.

    Everyone will have their favorite carry gun, and a lot of people choose glock/m&p/xd even though they love their 1911 or 686 dearly and shamelessly prefer them at the range. There is no problem with that.

  5. Sheepdog6 Avatar

    Dude, I carry a J-Frame all day long. Simply conceals much better than anything else, including a Glock 19. Above the belt, with any shirt choice, a semi auto grip is more difficult to hide, especially under a t-shirt, which is what I wear 90 percent of the time I’m out. Revolvers are reliable, not more so than modern pistols, but no less so.

    The real reason Yeager hates revolvers…they have parking brakes…

  6. Quasimofo Avatar

    I have to admit he makes some valid points. Good, modern wheelguns and semis are about equal, reliability-wise. IMO, I think revolvers may be a bit easier for newbies to “understand” and learn with if they are unfamiliar/uncomfortable with handguns. For realistic civilian defensive purposes, I don’t necessarily think a DA revolver has any serious disadvantages vs. semiautos. Revolvers vs. semis comes down to matters of what you want to do with the handgun and personal preference, IMO.

  7. Different strokes for different folks. Different tools for different jobs. :shrug:

  8. Yeager is running out of things to talk about and I think people are running out time to listen to him. What’s next, glock vs 1911? Chevy vs Ford? Come on James, find something that hasn’t been beat to death since the invention of the internet.

  9. Nathanael S. Avatar
    Nathanael S.

    Yeah, basically I’ve found that Yeager believes every gun should be a 9mm Glock. Because, us know, they’re perfect.

    Just ignore the Glock 19, 29, and 42…

  10. If one is the proverbial tactical operator, as Yeager I guess is and may rightly assume his target audience wants to be or should be, he has good points. But I find magazines to be a pain in the bag compared to inserting and withdrawing cartridges as needed.

  11. I think there is something to be said for superior reliability when you take a randomly selected revolver and compare the number of incidents of errors (anything that causes a failure to perform as designed) and compare it to a randomly selected semiauto used under similar conditions and ammo, over the life of the weapon.

    Is a G17 and a 686 likely to have ANY issue when I take them to the range today?

    Not likely.

    But what is the overall lifetime history of errors going to look like between the two?

    Without seeing a study (or knowing of one… hmmm if only I could get some money to do it…); anyone can only say anecdotally based on an extremely limited number of encounters that are most likely not representative of the totality of the weapons life.