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  • Why Revolvers Suck

    Yeager is back shittin on stuff: I don’t have much experience with revolvers but it sounds like the points he made were valid. *shrug* Did he get that XXX-Smedium shirt design body painted on by someone at Tactical Response, or do they call a person in to do that? All guns should be Glocks all Glocks…

  • German Shepherd Glock Taste Test

    Smart dogs know: Perfection.  Damn I love German Shepherds… If I ever have a big yard I’d have one outside for sure.  Ban assault dogs?  Nah, I hope not. Thoughts?

  • The FN Herstal “Black Box”

    New from FN Herstal… the BLACK BOX The FN Black Box stores information that allows preventive maintenance and facilitates corrective maintenance, which greatly increases weapon reliability and availability. The FN Black Box is a molded module that fits in any weapon type. It features a non-replaceable battery that has a remarkable service life of 10 years…