Masquerading As Fact And Gun Education To Troll

This gets my vote for one of the most useless videos of 2014:

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsReally?  So for the most part the “correct” way is to fake it and just say the names in the accent of the country  they are native to?  *smh*  Yea that’s not going to get eye rolls from everyone you talk to.

Well played OutdoorHub… well played…



14 responses to “Masquerading As Fact And Gun Education To Troll”

  1. derpmaster Avatar

    Holy shit. ENDO posts something that was on The Firearm Blog 1-2 weeks ago and not the other way around for once?

    This is unprecedented.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea no kidding. Nicholas is my biggest fan by the looks of it.

  2. Actually, the first one is pronounced “moist nugget”.


    1. Back to /k/ with you!

      1. The mission’s been compromised.

        Quick, grab sks and go innawoods!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol ya.

  3. Squirreltakular Avatar

    That was fucking idiotic. I have never heard anyone pronounce Tavor as “tay-ver” before. Most of those sounded exactly the same, except he said it as white and nerdily as possible.

  4. I’d feel it necessary to kick someone in the nuts if they did half of these pronunciations in front of me.

  5. Worst. Video. Ever.

    (Wurst – Videeoh – Evurh)

  6. Heck, I figure it’s a minor miracle if they don’t pronounce it “Heckler and Kotch”. :)

  7. From now on, mosins will now be pronounced “mouse-ins”.

  8. This reminds me of pretentious assholes that think they’re “worldly” if they roll their r’s when they order a fucking burrito at Taco Bell. Give me a fuckin’ break

  9. I suppose I should teach those commie bastards how to say Colt and Remington: “AMERICA. AMERICA”

  10. It’s actually pronounced “Pee Es El”