KKK Preying On Veterans While Hating The Back Of Forest Whittaker’s Neck

Race haters gonna hate:

Damn… hating someone because of their race must be such an exhausting way to live.  Even those rituals look exhausting.

2:04 – Oooooooo dat Barcelona chair.  WANT. P.S. Anyone work for Knoll who reads the blog, that can deeply discount? :P

KKK vids like this I’ve seen normally always look like a sausage fest too.  What fun is that?  I’m sure some girls are down with it, but there definitely looks like a drought.

3:07 – “The A-Rabs” hahaha well if that isn’t a stereotypical way to say Arab I don’t know what is.   Maybe it’s a south thing in general?  Dude trying to troll with the chips too, but ended up showing respect because they were praying.  Surprising.

4:21 – Yea I don’t doubt that being a part of the group gives you a sense of belonging… but any group will do that so join a gym or something instead bro, damn.

6:00 – I ain’t even gonna front.  The Klan has the morale patch game on LOCK SON!  That said, I don’t want to own any of those… but I’m ‘mirin the embroidery no less.


0:22 – LOL backwards flag… whOOps.  Funny how VICE left that in too.

00:51 – ROFL twice… twice backwards!

1:00 – WTF, the SS flag backwards too?  They should fire that one guy from flag hanging duties for real.

7:22 – They definitely need a web / graphic designer on board.

9:45 – Holy teacup grip batman.  That’s one of the most extreme examples I’ve ever seen.


VICE-LogoMan I love Don’t be a Menace…



16 responses to “KKK Preying On Veterans While Hating The Back Of Forest Whittaker’s Neck”

  1. Sorry to spoil all the fun, but this is absolutely not an accurate representation of Mississippi or her veterans. They found, what, 4 guys they could follow around for a bit and are acting like it’s the whole state. Sorry, vice has neverbeen a news orginization, it’s propaganda.

  2. Vice is an interesting crew, they often use junk science to support their claims – like Global warming. They’re also a bit hypocritical with the global warming stuff, since their offices in New York City have no renewable energy sources in use. But, back to the racism claims. It’s race baiters like vice who are really hurting the victims of racism. The racist wolf crying that they do is not helping anyone, people tune out these largely unsupported claims and see them for the what they are.

    Vice should really be concerned with the number of G.Is who fail to make use of the G. I. Bill. They should focus on the high unemployment among vets. They should look at the high divorce rate among former soldiers. Maybe an investigation in the skyrocketing suicide rate of vets. The KKK is no different than any store front born again religion, they prey on people when they are down and weak. Mississippi is a great incubator for organizations of prey. It has the worst economy in the country and a lot of former service members. This is just another Vice fluff story built on shaky research.

    Now, the story Vice did on poop – that was pretty cool even though they got all hippy and green at the end.

  3. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Regardless, the Klan is a bunch of uneducated idiots running around in clown costumes. T zone them all, they’re almost the American version of ISIS and equally as stupid.. So tired of seeing hate for no reason. Sad to see that they go recruit PTSD veterans as well. Morons.

    1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
      GreenMountain Human

      And to see a grown man call himself a “grand wizard” when not playing Dungeons and Dragons is so utterly laughable. Yeah, VICE can get it twisted, but seriously…

      1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

        I kind of think the klan predates D&D. Just saying…

        1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
          GreenMountain Human

          Uh, yeah. Obviously man. I’m just mocking them. Are you supporting them and opposing global warming? Not accusing, just wondering. And I do agree that the VICE crew often just sketches it up. They have a demographic to troll to. They do put out a little bit of interesting stuff though.

  4. Socialkaos Avatar

    Vice is nothing but liberal hipsters with cameras pushing liberal propaganda and trying to make it hip. And I think somebody has watched “Forrest Gump” one to many times. It wasn’t confederate generals that started the KKK, it was the southern democrat politicians that started it to interfere with the norths efforts of reconstruction after the war. And the SPLC, yeah they’re a hate group themselves . They label anybody that doesn’t have a liberal progressive agenda as extremist. Hell to them if you homeschool you’re kids you’re a terrorist. And to think they consult the DHS on who’s a “hate group/extremist”. Yeah, no wonder why this piece is on veterans .

  5. I love how the NAACP isn’t considered a racist group when they openly are exactly that…an excepted race promoting group. While they’re no KKK, their promotion of racial tension and endless perpetuation of all things ‘race’ is just as divisive as Al Sharpton showing up to your ’cause.’

  6. Grindstone Avatar

    The last bit of Part 2 is pure gold “Sniper school” *busts out a busted-ass SKS*. He’s even got a Hi Point with a tea-cup grip that jams after the first shot. What a joke.

    I feel sorry for these losers. As a white guy in an interracial marriage, I have to say Mexican chicks are fucking awesome at sex and making tacos!

  7. tincankilla Avatar

    i’m sorta pissed that the southern POVERTY law center owns a $5K chair.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL yea no doubt, theirs looks real too. There are a lot of fakes just because it’s such a classic though.

    2. Your tax dollars at work!

      1. Since they are a 501(c)3 I doubt they get much tax money. Their website has a pretty good break down of their financials here http://www.splcenter.org/who-we-are/financial-information

        I work for a non-profit. I brought my own chair in because the one they gave me sucked. These guys are all lawyers, I’m sure finances are not a problem for them.

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    Potok = Elijah Wood and George Lucas rolled into one. LOL

  9. xPressureDropx Avatar

    so just because VICE may have gotten facts wrong I’m supposed to feel different about the KKK? They need to go back to the woods and “train” for the eventual “race war”. Fuck racism.

    1. Nobody’s defending KKK here dude, just pointing out this is typical “omg outrage” vice drivel