Testing Protective Bulletproof Armored Cups

Demolition Ranch doing some science:

OMG that intro LOL.

haha that was so awkward when he kept pulling it from behind the swimming trunks.

Demolition-Ranch-NutshellzDemolition Ranch’s favorite mannequin is wearing the ENDO M16 Rifle hat.

Nutshellz is the company who makes that cup if you want one.



6 responses to “Testing Protective Bulletproof Armored Cups”

  1. “The old bulletproof cup! Rabbit, I invented this gag! Only in my day, the rookie got naked.
    Also, we used blanks. You’re a sick motherf@cker, Mac.”
    “Thanks, Chief.”

  2. Nothing like having a round skip off your cup and go into your gut or femoral. If it comes to being a unic or bleeding out/septic shock…
    Might be a good idea for bird hunting with your derp friends.

    1. Yeah that was my thought as well… I’d much rather live (to operate on operations) another day, admittedly at a high cost.

  3. That is a great intro.

  4. Johno Bigstick Avatar
    Johno Bigstick

    best advice: Never go in to combat nuts first (or in swim trunks)!

  5. Christina Avatar

    Just an observation, none of the ammunition fired was level II. Also its a small armor plate and testing should be center shot. Armor plates aren’t tested by edge shooting per NIJ standard. You guys must have small junk if you say you would rather get a dick shot than a gut shot.