Taurus Design Team Should Have Curved

LOLOL this new .380 looking like a taser:


A DOA handgun, with a trigger that looks like a canoe paddle, no actual (iron) sights, a laser only, and a bent frame which is only right handed.  Cool story Taurus bros.

Taurus-CurveMore info on the handgun at the Taurus curve micro-website.

Damn and it’s not even April fools.  The release date is early 2015 with an MSRP of $392.

Thoughts?  .380 really does seem to be the trolling caliber of choice for firearm manufacturers.


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  1. It will come down to the trigger pull and that the gun does not have reliability issues, but my feeling is a lot of experts are gonna get hosed for poopoing this one and Taurus is gonna make a mint. A gun with light and laser for under $400 retail?
    The Judge part 2

    1. I’m getting one. I don’t need iron sights to hit a man sized target at less than 10 yards.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        You mean you don’t operationally shoot to disarm? haha

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea that’s all very true. They definitely came correct with the price point also yea!

  2. I guess it’s good for the gun-world to have people daring to try new things. A gun with a curved frame, designed for IWB carry? why not?
    Integrated light and laser, same here, why not?
    It think the 2 things we can point out are : lack of iron sights, that suck (but maybe you can mount “fail safe angle sights” on it? HA HA HA !), and reliability/accuracy (to be tested).

    Otherwise, it’s anyway MUCH better that this .22LR ugliness that was shape in the same way (I don’t remember the name, and I don’t want to see it again. Ever.).

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha the ZiP 22! Yea that thing was hideous.

  3. This is a solution in search of a problem. Printing isn’t the problem it’s being made out to be. So what if you print? How many times does someone ram a shopping cart into you at the store, because they’re too busy texting? You think they’re going to notice a gun under a shirt when the can’t notice a fully grown adult right in front of them? The only ones who notice are the ones who carry.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea I don’t really know how much less this would print anyway… it’s not like it’s super thin + curved… it’s just curved.

      1. Enochwel Avatar

        for tight fitting clothes? iwb work appropriate? My 4.2″ sp101 .357 will be difficult to conceal in shorts during the summer. I have to be honest, I’m a revolver guy. I love them. I drool over them. I’m at the range several times a week and doesn’t get boring because they are not plastic Hollywood interesting for a 2 hours, but hard cold steel. I spend more time researching my next purchase than I do any other hobby, but this dinky little girly gun may actually edge itself to the top of my shopping list as the summer approaches simply because there are times when it’s not practical even to conceal a snubby revolver. And yes, this gun is more light and concealable than a 2″ revolver. So far as people who see a print and don’t call the police or ram your shopping cart, well… that’s not the issue for me. I use the concealment as an advantage. If an assailant doesn’t know I have it, then I can possibly wait for an opportune time to produce it. If they see even a slight print then I’ll never even be able to reach for it. That is an explanation given by Rob Pincus that I agree with.
        Again about printing; years ago when my dad was a cop, he had left work in plane clothes and was at a coke machine, leaned over and printed. Some old lady called the police. Minutes later he was surrounded by police with several guns pointed at him. All a big misunderstanding… I’d rather not print.

  4. no sights … really? i know its for point and shoot defensive but damn how hard to put some low profile sights ?

    1. I’d argue that sights matter a whole lot less than you think at defensive distances. Defensive shootings happen at 7 yards or less. You don’t need sights until you get to 15 yards. If you ask most competitive shoots they’l tell you that sights are only for the long shots. In a defensive situation you won’t have the time to focus on sights. While I’m not a fan of battery operated devices, both the laser and LED offer sighting properties. The laser gives you a pinpoint approximation of where the shots will hit. The LED can also be used. At 7-10 yards that LED will cast a nice circle. Shots will land in the center of that circle – it’s a hidden bonus of weapons lights. This is easy to replicate on your own. Go out, tape up your sights, and shoot. You’ll easily get center mass hits at 7-10 yards.

      Here it is in practice:


    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I guess they don’t even want you practicing with sights that you “probably won’t use”. I agree though I thought at the very least they could have put a no-snag channel cut into the top or something to look through rather than 100% relying on pointing and guessing or using the laser.

  5. How does this work for lefties? Or anyone who doesn’t want to get laughed out of the range.

    1. Orangejoe Avatar

      Lefties are about 1 in 10 of the general population. If this sells well, they can start to think about that last 10%.

      1. Raoul Duke Avatar

        Hurt your right hand or collect a bullet in it, and presto! You are now a leftie.

        Ask anyone who trains force-on-force a lot: How many shots do the hands usually suck up?

        1. Orangejoe Avatar

          I have not handled the pistol but it would seem you can press the trigger with either hand. The “big deal” being made is regarding carry as the gun CURVES in a direction suitable for carry by non sinister users.

          1. You could still carry it on the left, you’d just have to reverse the direction.

  6. It has trench sights, which is adequate considering the pistols purpose

    1. My bad, no it doesen’t.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Yea that would have been nice though!

  7. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    Oh joy & happiness. Why, I was just saying that the world needed yet another 7 round .380 only with more gimmick.

    Thank you Taurus

  8. A gun thought up and designed to fit a marketer’s pitch. Had it been designed by shooters or by trainers of defensive pistol shooting, there might be a laser closer to the bore, a 9mm set-up, sites, even if little nubs or a channel (not that sites are important for defensive shooting where this piddly 380 is concerned). But like the fancy but impractical judge, keltec ksg, glock 42, and a host of other novelty guns, this will be jumped on because of good marketing and then the masses will have another cool hipster gun to show their friends that they’ll not train with. They’ll get bored with it in 6 months in time for the next joke gun-of-the-month.

  9. Someone saw the bent iPhone and thought it would make a good gun.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  10. Orangejoe Avatar

    No LOL on this one. Just wished the barrel was much lower.

    1. Orangejoe Avatar

      Operator version “a lower bore axis would have allowed asymmetric leverage of the contralateral sympathetic response…”

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha you’re good at that lingo.

  11. What do you bet this was an lc9s clone, then the plastic frames all melted a little while sitting on the docks waiting for export from Brazil. Not wanting to do it right, they called it the “curve”.

    And it’s a Taurus, so it’s going to disintegrate after about 300 rounds.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL at the last sentence. *smh*

  12. kel-tec p3at ripped off to make Ruger LCP; both ripped off to make the Taurus “inferior”

  13. Well. Fuck it. If people want to buy it, oper8! on. According to the web site photos, it works good with Yoga pants so it will be a hit with teh ladies.

    Made in the USA they says.

  14. Not sure why the hate, then I realized this is the online gun community, the community of trolls that are unsatisfied with everything not high end (insert gun here).

    I see an innovative product. Sure it could be crap. However you slice it its innovative thinking. Humans are not square in construction. We are round, some more than others. A gun designed to curve with the body is pretty cool of you ask me. I’m not so much worried about printing as I am thinking this should at least be pretty darn comfortable.

  15. I’m left-handed, and I’m not a chick, so my personal interest level in this gun is right around zero, but I’m glad to see it. Mo’ guns = mo’ better, as far as I’m concerned. If the yoga-and-latte set might find this interesting (or, God forbid, fashionable), that’s a win.

    I can’t help but think that if this had the Pico chassis setup, switching right to left would be a $30 frame switch, provided the light and laser could pop out and back in.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I hear that.. if it gets soccer moms and yoga girls into shooting then cool. At the very least it would be a stepping stone to buying a Glock hopefully ;)

  16. The waistband clip is too far back, it’s going to be so far down in your pants you can’t draw it. Curving it that way makes it harder to grip properly in the right hand. If they fixed the clip position, straightened the grip, made it 9mm and put rudimentary sights on it I would seriously consider buying one.

  17. So I thought the curve thing was stupid until a friend on Facebook made me see the light: “It gently hugs the temple.”
    Now it all makes perfect sense!

  18. Was it a Freudian slip writing “DOA handgun” (meaning dead on arrival) instead of DAO?

  19. I think it’s kind of cool. And hell, if it fails hard, it will be collectable someday maybe. Not sure why it isn’t 9×19 though.


    I think 90% of the problem is just the NAME they gave it. “Curve” sounds like some fancy new feminine hygiene product. If they would
    have called it “The Romulan” at least it would have some nerd-factor.


    I DO like the built in money clip.

  22. Given that they’re targeting women (why not? funny to see people get upset over this…) with this, 380 actually makes a lot of sense. In a small polymer frame semiauto like this 9mm really whips around. In general, women have less grip strength and even shooting full-sized polymers like a G17 can dissuade them from practicing enough to be competent.

    Heck, even I’ll admit that my G17 jerks around noticeably more than a steel 1911/45. It’s just the physics of it. Less mass in a polymer frame dampening a higher muzzle velocity means it whips back more. A smaller grip makes it harder to physically control the weapon and keep it on target. Has nothing to do with how ‘manly’ you are.

    At the end of the day, your typical 90-140lb female is better off with something small they’ll actually feel comfortable with than something overkill for their needs. Cartridge wars aside, nobody on here would want to get hit with 6+1 380 acp rounds. Having taken smaller framed women shooting, I’m pretty confident they could unload this puppy in probably as much time as only 2 or 3 9mm rounds.

    As for iron sights, at <10 yard ranges you're better off pointing with your fingers than looking down sights.

    That said, not sure I'd buy one. As another poster mentioned the ergonomics of the clip and drawing it from IWB looks a bit problematic and it may end up being too small for me. But ultimately it's good to see something new tried and if it proves to be reliable I don't see the problem with more guns and innovation in the marketplace.

  23. Can you check your Facebook updates with it?

  24. Though I am not a .380 fan for $389.00 at my dealer, I won’t go wrong buying this as a backup.