In The Presence Of Russian Artillery Greatness

Russia getting slow-motion with it:

Wow that’s impressive.  I can’t even fathom how loud that must be… I bet when most of those go off it’s like a midget drop kicking your chest.

LOL those 152mm shells and projectiles make .50 BMG look like a toy for babies.

Here are the wikipedia pages for the items in use:

0:20 – 2B14 Podnos
0:30 – 2S3 Akatsiya
1:45 – 152mm gun 2A36
3:05 – 2S19 Msta
5:16 – T-12 antitank gun
7:21 – BM-21 Grad
9:44 – TOS-1


Hat tip: Krystian, John


5 responses to “In The Presence Of Russian Artillery Greatness”

  1. Beautiful! I’ve always found those rocket batteries to be quite scary. That last segment was insane!

  2. Nice 50’s era heavy metal. Good stuff if your facing down the Wehrmacht on the steppes. Direct fire anything is always awesome.

  3. Even louder on the receiving end.

    According to the evah knowledgeable Wiki, the TOS-1 uses thermobaric rockets. Nasty.

    Dem Russians. They like the rockets.

  4. Did anyone else see that bird almost get smoked at 7.34?

  5. tincankilla Avatar

    Ahhh, nothing like gun porn to inspire the White Russians against small, democratic “aggressor” states.