Song About Being A .45 Caliber Guy

FXhummel sings a song and plays the keyboard:

FXhummel-DeagleHe had a song making fun of .40 caliber a while back.  When is the 9mm song coming? :P


4 responses to “Song About Being A .45 Caliber Guy”

  1. What about the S&W .500 in the 4″ barrel? That’s something you can carry.

  2. hmmmm…no comment. however, i was waiting for a line suggesting that the 45 will cause the badguy to do backflips through space upon impact.

  3. How odd… usually it’s the Bradys and Bloomie insisting that the gun is the extension of the penis.
    Now the gun guys are doing it, too?

  4. Someone forgot about .460 Rowland!