Nine Essential Handgun Disarming Tips

From our Van Halen Logo’d friends at Funker Tactical:

#2 – Blade at 45!  Blade at 45! :P

1:02 – Holy if that was a revolver and the attacker pulled the trigger, if the gun went off that would be a disaster for Ryan’s hand.

Every time I see one of these videos it’s like deja vu… I’ve probably watched 100+ disarm videos and they are all basically identical.

3:05 – “I’m not planning on using this (the handgun).  I don’t know this weapon.  It’s not mine, it’s his.”  <— Really?  You’re not going to use it just because it’s not your gun?  And claim you don’t “Know” it enough to use it?  I know milliseconds matter in situations like this, but if the attacker is still advancing maybe it would be a good idea next time you have a second or two to try and figure it out, rather than use it as a club continually to hit the guy.

Funker-Tactical-Handgun-Disarming4:58 – I’d say you’d have to be pretty damn confident pulling a maneuver like this, if you have a guy with a gun asking for your wallet.  Yea it would suck to give your wallet up… have to replace all your cards, license, and whatever money you had.  The chances of not being good enough at disarming him for the average person are pretty high… which I would imagine also raises the risk of a simple robbery turning into you and whoever you’re with laying on the ground bleeding.



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  1. I remember a surveillance vid from years past. Three dudes in an entryway confronted by a perp with a pistol. The victims tried to fight for the gun, they all wound up shot and killed. Course, they had no training and their fight was not coordinated. Took a few precious seconds for the other victims to unlock their brains and get in on the fight. Sad.

    I recall a guy who told me once that his strategy, if someone got the drop on him, was to just immediately run (if by himself). His reasoning was that the odds were they wouldn’t pull the trigger if it was a straight up robbery, if they did pull the trigger odds were they would miss him as hitting a zig zagging running man is tough, if they did connect odds were stacked that it would be a survivable wound considering handguns and all. Dunno.

    Life. It’s a coin toss sometimes.


    1. Boxing class at the Y was full huh?

      Btw shouldn’t this mugging disarm videos focus more on the smaller, crappier guns a mugger is more likely to have? It’s gonna be easier to leverage a full sized Glock that the little Raven or J-frame knock off you’d have pointed at you.

      1. Quint Young Avatar
        Quint Young

        You have a much smaller grip to hold on to on a raven than you do on a glock or normal full size handgun.

  3. Give the gun to Raul to figure out while you krav maga the bad guy in the head and nuts..when Raul’s ready, you step back and let Raul shoot the badguy. Dang I’m so operator.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Dick move edition: let Raul sort it out while you eat donuts inside.

  5. Grabbing the back of the slide isn’t going to prevent the pistol from firing; it’s just going to fuck up your hand and … oh yeah! make you lose your grip.

    So while Mister Mojo is bouncing around with his broken RIGHT HAND between his knees, Mister “I Have A Gun And You Have A Broken Hand” is shooting your friendly ‘Third Party’.

    Yep. Seems to me this guy has it all figured out.

    PS: I’m liking the ‘run away’ option even more. Seems like the best plan is to have a disposable “third party” to distract the Bad Guy while I go look for a cop. Or a phone. Or a cab.

    1. It’s going to prevent it from striping another round…

  6. “No, no, no. Attack me like this”. This stuff only works because both the attacker and defender have drilled it and gotten used to eachothers position, angle and grip. The attacker knows he is going to be disarmed so he likely doesn’t have a tight grip to save him from injury, etc. Any real situation will likely contain variables that will screw up their system.