Micro Tannerite Targets

Everyone else goes big, Taofledermaus the contrarian goes little:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetNot bad.  Seems like a slightly more exciting / a bit more costly version of when guys put baby powder in balloons and shoot them.

I couldn’t do videos like his because I always assume EVERYTHING that’s cool is illegal.  Like that little claymore mine they attempted for instance.  Can you mix binary explosives with other random stuff intended as shrapnel? *shrug* I don’t know, and I’m not willing to read boring laws for days in order to still not quite be sure.


2 responses to “Micro Tannerite Targets”

  1. Pfft…i used spent shotgun shells to scoop up tannerite from a jar someone shot that didn’t set off the tannerite. They make cute little explosions…like size 8 font ‘merica’ explosions.

  2. Actually mixing it with items specifically to produce shrapnel is illegal.

    Making your own explosives is totally legal (assuming you don’t transport it after you complete it), making it into a bomb that can hurt someone makes it a destructive devices which requires a tax stamp.

    It is the difference between a flare launcher and a grenade launcher. The moment you stick something meant to injure someone or something it becomes a DD.