How To Review Guns On YouTube

FxHummel is back with jokes:

FXhummel-M16-Shirthaha awesome, so true.

If you missed the news, FxHummel is now an employee of Tactical Response (AKA James Yeager).  On a related note, since Yeager became a grandpa he hasn’t been stirring up shit like he used to.  The gun-related internet world is at a loss because of it.



9 responses to “How To Review Guns On YouTube”

  1. That’s pretty much every review video ever. They are so worthless and end up being some sperg rambling.

  2. So tactical tunes took his derp to a new level, huh? Wow… Never ends for this guy.

    1. FX Hummel Avatar

      Agreed. When is this guy gonna learn.

  3. derpmaster Avatar

    nutnfancy edition: deliver three minutes of quality content distributed across 45 minutes of rambling about stupid shit.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    How to do a gun review video:

  5. I have no clue how nutnfancy does forty minute KNIFE REVIEWS. Seriously, it would be a trilogy DVD set if we ever wanted a toilet plunger reviewed.

  6. I despise the unboxing videos the most. They may as well rick roll me when I attempt to find a decent gun review and run into that mentally-stunted garbage.

  7. This was pretty funny and true. Well done, Tac Tunes.

    1. FX Hummel Avatar