Archery Trick Shots Are Definitely Not As Cool As Gun Trick Shots

YouTubers “Dude Perfect“:

Iza-Privezenceva-Archery-Bow-And-ArrowCool, but judging by their celebrations after every shot there must have been soooooooo many takes.  Yea I know it’s cool regardless to see the shots happen, but honestly even with minimal skill it wouldn’t be that difficult to fluke a lot of those if you had a lot of arrows to waste and guys to fetch / throw away your misses.  Dude Perfect might be real deal one shot one take surgeons with the bow… I don’t know.  I’m not about doing research here, I’m just about posting shit.

Maybe it’s just me, but unless archery is involving Katniss Everdeen (or just Jennifer Lawrence as Jennifer Lawrence) I don’t really care about it.

Gat tip: Nick


15 responses to “Archery Trick Shots Are Definitely Not As Cool As Gun Trick Shots”

  1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    I got through half of it. Too much self-important cheering.

    1. I completely agree – looks like a bunch of rich frat boys overly impressed with their own skills. Unless they got all of those shots with their first couple takes, most of what they show isn’t that impressive to anyone who has even the most rudimentary archery skills. Modern compound bows are actually really easy to shoot very, VERY accurately. It’s almost mind blowing, once you get the hang of it…

      Starting with exactly zero archery-related knowledge after getting a good deal on a used Hoyt from an acquaintance of mine, it took a bit over a week and maybe 100 shots total before I split the first arrow from around 30 yards away. Figured it was a lucky shot, I wrecked another two the same day before I decided to not “group” my shots anymore and better start pulling the arrows after every other shot or so. I wish I could group like that with a pistol, hell I’d be happy to group like that (offhand, not using a rest or scoped rifle) with a carbine.

      Archery sure is fun, but all that over the top cheering and celebration for what are relatively easy, fun shots… Meh… Makes them look like douchebags IMHO.

  2. “YAY wahooo goog job guys, lets go celebrate in my McMansion!”

  3. Maybe it’s the music…I guess I should like this as I own a compound crossbow but…meh

  4. LongBeach Avatar

    Looked pretty badass to me… my next purchase is going to be a bow instead of another gun. I would like to master more than one form of marksmanship. Also, more hunting opportunities.

    1. Eh, I don’t think shooting what’s clearly a low poundage bow fast at short range is anywhere near as impressive as any of Byron Ferguson’s shots:

      As for the guy in the video, he looks like he’s got the faux-redneck-frat-boy thing that’s so popular now going on. Glad he enjoys archery but as mentioned above, he’s nowhere near as good as most of the real trick shooters you can see online. Of course it also looks like he has more views, which is apparently more important in the Internet age.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Lol “faux-redneck-frat-boy”

      2. tincankilla Avatar

        yeah, Lars Anderson is a competitive archer and world record holder, not a trick shot specialist. so i guess it’s kind of an apples-vs-oranges thing, but i meant to say that a guy who could clear a room with a bow and operate in combat is more interesting…

  5. I don’t know. A lot of the setups looked like a lot of fun and I’ll be recreating them. The only “gunplay” my wife likes is trap and skeet but she loves archery. It’s really a fun sport and shooting those shots would be fun without the over the top celebration and superbro lifestyle.

    1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

      Finally built up the nerve to finish watching the video. Nobody bros down as hard as these superbros. (eye roll….) Cool shots, wack ultracelebration. I’ve never been that excited about anything in my entire life.

    2. “Superbro lifestyle” is the only lifestyle.

  6. Under appreciated IMHO. SURE the thing is edited but whose to say the gun trick shot videos arent as well? Definitely more respect for the traditional archery shots and I really liked the music

  7. The stereotype videos these guys do are a lot more funny.

    1. funny/watchable I should say