Full30 Gun Related Video Community Trying To Compete With YouTube

It’s “free” but currently the actual cost is high:

Full30 is the site.

I really really love when people work hard on something they are passionate about.  What I don’t like when the delivery system increases MY barriers to consumption of their product.  The fact you need a seperate account to comment and can’t embed videos on external websites are just a couple of the major problems with Full30.

This isn’t the first, and likely not going to be the last startup that tries to beat YouTube at their own game.  You might recall a massive failure called YoungGunsTV which made big promises of fame and fortune to almost all of our favorite gun related YouTuber’s a while back.  There’s a rumor that YoungGunsTV is coming back, but I don’t really see why, or what could possibly be different this time.

I get the main motivation for Full30 is that “Google is anti-gun”.  Yea well sure, that’s not a shocker but until they actually ban gun related content why reinvent the wheel and replace it with a shitty less functional wheel?  I don’t know what kind of promises Full30 has with it’s content providers, but I’m guessing it’s along the same lines as what YoungGunsTV did.  Just because there are several million active gun video consumers every day on YouTube, you can’t use that in your forecasting of how many people are going to visit your new competing video website.  That’s the biggest mistake people always make; the “If you build it they will come” delusion.  The reality is that Full30 needs it’s content providers a hell of a lot more than they need Full30.  I was actually surprised to see 22Plinkster, IV8888, MAC, and Forgotten Weapons already on there.  To me it’s not in their best interest to spread different content (I’m assuming) onto an unproven, brand new website, and alienate their loyal YouTube audience in the process… but what do I know? Anyone have one of the contracts or the details so I can see what’s in it for the content providers?

Full-30-Gun-Content-LogoIf you’re going to compete with YouTube or any other high quality globally popular website or service out there, you should at least have a unique value proposition.  Full30 does not appear to have one, from what I can see.  I really do hope they are successful with this, make the site even better and nicer than YouTube, and make their content providers all way more money than YouTube was paying them.  I won’t be holding my breath.



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  1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    YouTube is the second largest search engine, which happens to have some of the deepest pockets in the world. There will always be someone who thinks they can knock off the giant, but it’s not going to be with limited focus service. Vimeo has carved out a niche as being the place where independent filmmakers and creative bodies go to share and sell their works, and that’s been successful. But Vimeo is not making a dent into YouTube.

    A gun focused video site doesn’t seem to work for me. Looking at my own channel and where viewers come from, they don’t all come from gun love. I get hunters, gamers, and plenty of links from embedded video. I also wonder how this site is going to generate revenue for me? The YouTube terms aren’t the best, but it still generates a few hundred dollars a year for me – it buys a new gun for me. Also, I wonder how this site is going to scale? If videos do keep getting uploaded, will they run into bandwidth problems? As much as I’m trying to grow my channel with views and subscribers, I don’t see any reason to upload to another service (unless it’s to try and drive them to my YouTube Channel).

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I really like vimeo but Yea not even a dent. Good point on the spillover referral traffic from different genres and interests…. Just another perfect reason not to pull content off YT. Yea the embedding is huge as I mentioned for us site owners. In very rare cases would I ever post about anything where I had to say “I can’t embed so go to this stupid website and watch it then please come back.”

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Glad to hear your channel is at least buying you a gun a year though. With careful trolling in the future you’ll be able to add a Mercedes 6×6 the vehicle lineup. :P

      1. Well, your links do help. I get about 1000 views within 24 hours of you linking (less if the link is on a Friday or weekend). After 24 hours the views die off to a trickle, but they keep coming in at a few a day – so people are browsing back through out old posts. I was really thinking that me taking a shot of pepper spray in face would grab more overall views, it turns out the reactive targets were more popular. I’ve got a lot of ideas on the drawing board and some props I need to buy – some serious, some trolling. I just need to take a full weekend and shoot away.

  2. blehtastic Avatar

    Does YouTube’s subscriber feed show every single video when you have hundreds of subscriptions? I feel like it doesn’t.

    It doesn’t let you pre-load a video when you have a crappy connection, you kind of have to just let it buffer every few seconds.

    There are definitely improvements someone could make. Not sure if these are the guys that will do it.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think it does now if you look at the left column. You can even wort by different parameters. The preload problem I’ll agree with, but that seems like a niche problem. Well maybe not, but I can’t even remember the last time I was out of 4G or 3G, even on hikes out in the middle of no where.

  3. derpmaster Avatar

    This crap will go nowhere. Even Vice more or less failed at running their own video network (vbs.tv), punted, and went to YouTube.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea good example! Vice still tries to push people to their site and it pisses me off. I had to watch part1 of the recent poo documentary on there.

      1. We get a lot of the NYC poo here, we’re not far from NYC and we’re loaded with farms. I’ve seen the trucks heading across Rt 78, and we also get the dept of sanitation trucks coming to our landfills.

        So I fertilize my garden with liberal eco-nut poo. That makes my garden double organic.

  4. Who gives a damn if Google is anti-gun? I don’t give a single fuck if Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt ran through the streets of Mountain View screaming anti-gun rhetoric at the top of their lungs. Until they actually do something that *actually* impacts my rights, it makes no difference whatsoever. They are entitled to be anti-gun all they like so long as their opinion does not hinder my RKBA. Thus far, it doesn’t.

    That said, I’m all for entrepreneurial effort. If there is money to be made, go make it. BOOYAH! Just don’t try to use baseless principles as a rallying cry. I won’t buy it.

    1. I don’t care about the personal opinions of the people behind YouTube either. But I do care about their ability and inclination to pull the plug on gun content spontaneously and with no consequences should they ever decide to (ie, the next time there’s a mass shooting. As I have mentioned to other folks, I already had my entire channel arbitrarily removed once with no explanation, and was literally never able to have a human-written email contact with YouTube. I don’t like have the years of content I’ve created be that vulnerable to arbitrary decisions.

  5. Barriers to consume content? I don’t get it? The video just plays as any other YouTube video would, and you don’t need to create an account to view anything. They also drove about 100,000 views to a single video within 2 days, and they are running ads from Geissele on launch, so I’m thinking that this project has the audience and funding already.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      The barrier is having to go outside of the youtube / google realm. What’s next, am I going to have to use a different RSS reader for gun related content than I do for tech and menswear sites? A different browser that is pro-gun to check my email? Oh wait, not my gmail account though because that’s Google, so how about a pro-gun email service? There is just no reason to abandon google as a platform besides thinking they can compete with a brand worth almost $400billion. Where do you see the number of views? Maybe I’m not looking in the right place, but I don’t see that. Either way 100,000 views doesn’t impress me when you have some of the top YouTube channels promoting it. What will impress me is if even a small fraction of those people actually come back day after day. I give the site 8 months at the very most. Historically, building a business on the hope that everyone in the gun niche will adopt it “because guns” has failed. Another one I just thought of is Gpal (gun related payment processing)… huge failure.

      1. You make some good points, but I think the reason that guys like MAC, 22P, IV8888, In Range and others have moved is because YouTube isn’t paying jack squat anymore. I’ve heard as low as $0.90 CPM’s with 30% fill rates. For them to all jump on board after failing with Young Gunz,they have to be paying way more than YouTube. Young Gunz was also a horrendous platform with 0 ad revenue.

        Now those premium pre-roll CPM’s are hopefully being directly shared with the channels, which SHOULD be selling for upwards of $15 – $20 CPM’s. Now add in banners and you are talking serious revenue for the channels.

        Check out the in range video on ww2 exploding ammo. It’s sitting around 100,000 views. $15 CPM+100,000 views = $1500 in one day.

        As for the ability to embed videos, they MUST still be working on that or it would be suicide.

        Personally I would prefer to click a bookmark for FULL30 and be able to find only gun content rather than having to navigate the endless seas of crap floating in YouTube and dealing with Google+.

        Main point being that if the channels are making more money there they will keep uploading their videos there over YouTube. Naturally, the audience will follow the videos.

        But if you start seeing videos start running with no ads and no banners, I would start that clock to the site shutting down.

        I’m going to fire off a message to the site and see if I get a response on some of the questions you asked here. Id rather see some gun guys make it big over the liberal clowns at google.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I just don’t see Geissele paying $15-$20 CPM on Full30 when more blanket exposure (and more effective) could be had from retargeting services such as AdRoll for a fraction of the cost. I’m purely guessing on this next statement, but I bet you Geissele is getting that advertising for free (or very very cheap) just to make the site look more reputable in its current infancy. Maybe they even said “yea if it works out and we see conversions we’ll advertise with you at a later date”… but like I said I’m just speculating.

          Another thing that’s derpy is the link structure. https://www.full30.com/video/e22afd39a5572b2246a7cb5af0720e9e seriously? That’s the video URL? I realize YouTube’s is no better, but at least their domain is highly trusted and their link is about 1/3 as long. That above Full30 link looks like something I’d 100% avoid clicking on if I ever saw it in an email (if I didn’t now know better).

          I agree with you to an extent regarding the audience following the content. Although people are incredibly lazy.. so who knows. I actually think what will happen if some of these guys abandon YouTube is that new stars will be born, and people who put all or most of their eggs into the Full30 basket will be done for unless they come crawling back to YouTube and figure out other ways to earn revenue.

          1. Ok so I finally got a response back from my email I sent them on Thursday, and they addressed most things I asked. Primarily they stressed that the site is still somewhat in Beta, but they needed to send some mass traffic to test out their hosting system.

            They wouldn’t give any CPM rates, but they said that they do have several other advertisers already signed and lined up to start running pre-roll and banners later this month, and they are already profitable while paying their creators. I guess it won’t be hard to see if they are lying when December rolls around, but this statement would make me think that they are hitting those $10-$15+ CPM’s for pre-roll and player skins.

            Creators uploading content are currently being paid 3-5x as much as they would make on YouTube, and they confirmed that recruiting has been quite easy due to YouTube’s horrible CPM’s, and near useless SEO with so much content already out there. They aren’t allowing anyone to create a channel, it’s only family friendly content.

            They are currently working on a blog, forum, and mobile app with big name writers coming in from the print world. I think this will be the key to the site, and what sets it apart from just another guns only YouTube. Apparently the blog will be live before 2015.

            I asked about the cost of streaming all that video (which is apparently why Young Gunz went belly up so fast), and they said that they have spent the last year building custom infrastructure which allows them to deliver video for around 1-2 cents per GB. Young Gunz was probably paying closer to 7-10 cents per GB according to Amazon’s rate card.

            As I suspected, they said that one of their priorities is allowing their videos to be embedded.

            They said that in the past week they have had about 900 users actually register for the site. I’d say that’s pretty impressive considering that you only need to register if you want to comment or subscribe.

            I asked about the motivation for the site, and they said that it’s primarily about YouTube slashing earnings so bad over the past 2 years. They said that unless you are one of the top 10 gun channel, making a living or even paying for your ammo isn’t possible anymore. Apparently earnings have been cut by around 75% in the last 2 years.

            When asked about all the duplicate YouTube content, they said that they just wanted to build their library, and moving forward most of the content will be exclusive.

            So if these content creators are earning more on Full30, I’d say it’s being selfish to say that they need to stay on YouTube and suck it up, just so lazy people don’t have to go outside of their Google bubble.

            1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              Thanks for following up Mike. This is all very interesting, but I just don’t know how it’s going to work out for them. I hope it does.

        2. Most users load up add-ons to block adds from YouTube, I fail to see how these guys are going to prevent this.

        3. There is ZERO Chance of $15-$20 CPM’s on gun videos. It’s that simple.

          If, and it’s a big if, they are getting $.90 CPM then they need to look elsewhere. We get right around $2.75 CPM with YouTube and that’s on the high end. Historically, Facebook pays right around $2CPM and that’s it. I don’t see that changing.

          I also disagree that the audience will follow. Someone else will step up and fill the void on the platform people are already on.

      2. Something else I just thought of…

        What if they add a blog and forum? Exclusive gun videos, gun blog, and forum all in one place would get people talking. Anyways, I’ll let you know if they get back to me with some of the questions I asked.

      3. Add GUNUP to the list. They have a magazine which is alright but they also tried to tell everyone when they started that they were going to own the gun related content on the whole internet. Now we no longer hear from them and it seems they have directly their energy into simply reselling banner advertising to other blogs.

  6. SumTingWong Avatar

    You have introduced me to a lot of cool content. But any time i see someone rooting for monopoly an alarm goes off. Why not support them? Centralized power is rarely good.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’ve always been one to support the best possible option regardless of the ideals behind the option. If full30 ever gets go be as good as YouTube in all areas then I’ll buy into it. It’s 2014… I don’t have the time nor the care to support a shitty offering of anything. That’s a luxury we all have right now. The cream rises to the top (and rightfully so). People generally talk a big talk about how they want to support this and that but in reality they just want the best option for their time or money. This is shown over and over again in every single industry, not just firearms. I really think Full30’s creators should have thought it through more before unveiling the half-assed site in its current state. No one still has answered the question as to what Full30 can offer the viewer that the YouTube platform can’t, besides trying to offer “special content” on that site so people “hopefully” come there. Other than that, the answer seems to be “nothing”. The whole actual point of this site seems to be to pay content creators more. When have consumers ever actually cared? Do I think 22plinkster should already be a multimillionaire off advertising money from video views of shooting things with a .22? I think good for him if he can be, but if he can’t be then maybe it’s because expecting $15 – $20 RPM (Revenue per thousand views) as one of the guys said above, just isn’t realistic for the reasons I speculated. Like with all other websites and ventures before this though ultimately the market will decide. I wish them the best, but I think the business model is extremely flawed.

      1. If you have a better business model in mind, please, share it with us. I would mention that we are not asking you, or anyone else except advertisers, to actually pay a single penny for anything. If clicking over to a different site is too much trouble , I really don’t know what I could possibly offer.

        Yes, there are still a few issues being sorted on the tech side (and embedding is a huge one). They will get resolved, and by this time next year I suspect you will wonder why you were ever willing to wade through Youtube’s signal to noise ratio.

  7. The content on there so far is nothing I haven’t already seen before on youtube. or have little interest in. Doubt I’ll go back there for a long while.

    1. I can’t speak for the other channels on Full30, but Karl and I plan to address this pretty well with InRange TV. We have a lot of material in the can and planned that (IMHO) is way more interesting than what you see on YouTube right now.

  8. The concept is sound, execution not so much.

    As much as the major tech players are anti-gun, the pro-gun contingent needs to be on their platforms if only to drive traffic to the pro-gun sites.

  9. Full30 could just be a multi-channel network. Basically a network takes care of the backend of making money on youtube; be it flags from copyrights, picking ads, cross channel promotion, general lawyering crap.

  10. No RSS feed? Might as well not exist to me.

    1. Looks like you can subscribe to individual channels via RSS now on the channel pages.

  11. I can tell you what Full30.com has that YouTube doesn’t — a future for both gun content creators and firearms industry advertisers.

    Yes, YouTube is massive and owns the market however saying “YouTube hasn’t banned gun content yet” as an excuse not to start building an alternative for the gun community now isn’t really thinking much past ones nose. The fact is, YouTube will likely never ban gun content. What they most certainly will do eventually is classify firearms content as “adult” thereby removing monetization from all gun related videos. To the viewer this may not seem like a big deal. Heck, it may even seem like a blessing to viewers since no ads will play. The problem is that content creators such as myself will be forced to stop making videos. We can’t do it for free.

    Full30 offers a platform where no one can pull the plug or take our revenue away. It also offers FAR better revenue splits for content creators. Where even big channels on YouTube such as mine only earn enough to barely keep it running (ammo costs, paying cameramen, buying guns and consumables for videos, travel, etc.) it’s not nearly enough to support a family much less a real production staff. YouTube screws its content creators, all of them. For these reasons YouTube is little more than a hobby for most of us.

    Full30 promises to pay content creators enough for their work they can do video production full time. This will increase the number of videos and the quality of videos.

    Not only that, for advertisers such as gun manufacturers, it gives them a venue to run ads directly to their target demographic. You may not know this, but you won’t see too many Beretta, Glock, Colt, HK, etc. ads on YouTube. I suspect you know why, if not you probably should do a little research for your next article. That’s not the case with Full30.

    The article is exceptionally short sighted.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      To summarize your entire comment – Full30 will pay you (the content creator more), so because of that us (the viewers) should jump on board or else you might have to quit making videos.

      In the history of business and the internet I can’t think of one situation where people who consume content have ever cared what the person producing it makes off it. Yea I get it, you’d like to make millions of dollars a year off making videos… but maybe that isn’t feasible? Would it be feasible with Full30? Sure maybe, but again you’re going to need to offer something very great as far as the platform goes over there in order for people to care to ever visit because to reiterate they definitely don’t care what you’re making on a daily basis off video views (harsh but true). The threat of “possibly having to quit making videos” isn’t going to work either to get people to switch.

      1. Mike, that isn’t my argument. If you stop chest thumping for a moment we might have a productive conversation. I suspect that isn’t possible with you but I figured ihavent nothing to lose if I make an attempt.

        Full30 offers our content to the viewers. They have demonstrated an interest in it since we collectively represent some of the the largest firearms channels on YouTube. When we offer original content on Full30 that will be the only place to get it.

        What I outlined for you were the other less obvious benefits to Full30. Apparently this was lost upon you, or you perhaps you’re purposely being obtuse because that’s your shtick.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Hey, you replied to the wrong comment so I moved it. It’s not chest thumping, it’s reality. I’m interested to see how attached your viewers are to your content. If you 100% pulled everything off YouTube and put it on Full30 how would you make out? I’m guessing right now the outcome would not be good at all, which is why you haven’t done that. One thing which one of the other commenters on here mentioned (which I overlooked initially) is how YouTube seamlessly introduces people who might not have previously known about you (and may not even have shown a prior interest in guns) to your content based on thousands of different factors, and then you have a viewer for life. This just isn’t possible with Full30 considering it’s independent and strictly gun related. That is another big downfall in my opinion, but again you guys might do alright on there… I don’t know we’ll see.

          1. So reading through a lot of your comments about whether or not to move to another platform pretty much boils down to you don’t want to inconvenience yourself. You are ok with supporting a platform that is ok with silencing a particular crowd, over a platform that is trying to be more inclusive, merely because you are inconvenienced. I think you are miss understanding what gun content creators are trying to do. They aren’t trying to pull away from YouTube, YouTube is pulling away from them. So the contingency plan is start using another platform and build that before the rug is pulled. I think your comment about why start a new platform when YouTube is still allowing gun content is extremely short sided. I think the writing is on the wall that it is a matter of time before YouTube denies the ability to post gun related content (heck you might be able to lump conservative related content in with that statement). I think anybody with the ability to observe, interpret information, and ascertain probability can see that. To wait and see of they will ban gun content and then create a platform is not business smart. I do think a site will carve a niche away from YouTube in the gun content realm. It wont be because the site was that much better than YouTube. It will be because YouTube carved that niche by alienating particular crowds either in the denial of content or poor services. The platform that makes it is the platform that is around when YouTube finally pulls the plug on gun content, not the platform that is trying to get off the ground after YouTube pulls the plug. A little bit of inconvenience didn’t hurt anybody. Full30 will get better or another platform will, its the way capitalism works. Full30 is relatively new. Nothing is perfect out the gate, its a work in progress. Heck I’m glad that there is a platform that is gun content friendly and was created with that intent.

    2. I finished reading all the comments and I agree with ENDO-mike on this one. You and Ryan seem like whiney children who think they should get their way because you’re owed it or something.

    3. Rex Henderson Avatar
      Rex Henderson

      What will be worse than Youtube banning gun content all-together is them riding that fine line of paying out just enough to keep content creators from jumping ship and, in turn, keeping the audience split between platforms and delaying the growth and popularity of platforms like Full30.

  12. I agree with MAC completely. As someone who was and is involved with young guns I can co sign the statement that this article is not only short-sighted but misleading. even with Full30 being a competitor of ours (Young Guns TV re-lauch coming in January) we completely support them in their venture. Having gun and firearms industry content Limited to outside controls is simply a bad idea. anyone with a brain understands this basic concept. And waiting for them to actually abused their scenario is even more ridiculous since you would already be up against a rock and a hard place at that point. Also it would be stupid of the gun community to not make efforts to innovate and pay our industry professionals and content providers well while delivering a quality service of advertising and informational engagement to the viewers around the world. I don’t seem to understand the purpose of this article. Was it to put down the efforts of the technical innovators behind the scenes in our industry or to relegate our content providers to the monopoly that is YouTube because …….its big, its already there, and it is what is known? Thankfully the gun industry and its viewers have been looking for innovation and Full30 and young guns TV will continue to try and improve the scenario for content providers advertisers and viewers of gun content. nothing is perfect and we are competing against a monster that is YouTube so we expect issues and expect that we will fall short at times… but we will go back to the drawing board and continue to improve and innovate. And for the record Young Guns TV has much bigger plans then simply paying a little bit more than YouTube. Everyone should support Full30 and young guns TV.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Make it better than YouTube and people will come… don’t make it as good and people won’t. It’s that simple. I hope you learned that from failure #1 of YoungGunsTV, because if you didn’t it’s just going to happen again. Also, if you read the comment I just wrote to MAC, as harsh as it is there is absolutely zero viewers that actually care what the content providers make off the videos, and because of that are not willing to give up the conveniences of youtube for a shitty platform. If you can’t see this article and comments as constructive criticism then you need thicker skin. I’m not supporting something because it someday “might” be good. Make it good, then release it (and fix up some minor issues that arise)… that’s the world we live in. Again… make the platform and everything about it better and people will come… don’t and suffer the consequences.

      1. Mike, you do not have enough information to participate in this conversation intelligently. Maybe we were wrong to say that your article is short sighted… maybe the writer is simply short minded. Young Guns TV was successful to the viewers. We launched with several advertisers and still we received so much traffic and so many views that it was not enough to sustain itself with advertising from the industry alone at that time. (it is well known that the industry business practices are about 10 years behind the times)

        The lack of savvy business development and mesh marketing tactics has crippled the industry in many ways. Too many to explain in this comment …. but professionals in the media and advertising world know this to be true. That is why we went back to the drawing board to come up with a more ssustainable model. Whether we succeed or fail is not the issue. Someone needs to innovate and push this industry or the repercussions can be quite disastrous….. not just for the average viewer but for the industry itself which will also negatively impact the Second Amendment. Win lose or draw we are trying to bring change in the most positive way and pushing innovation in this business where it needs to go. As for thicker skin…. you simply stating things you don’t really know about is not constructive criticism. Me replying with some information does not mean I can’t take an outside opinion that does not align with my own. The problem is you don’t have any quality information and if you did you probably would not know how to compartmentalize certain segments of this kind of business the way it needs to be done. (I can see this is true by your comments and replies) maybe you should stick to T shirts and not involve yourself in these conversations until you know and understand all aspects. This is chess not checkers.

        If you would like to have more information and actually understand what we are doing and why this is important for someone if not several companies to put forward in the firearms community you are welcome to reach out to our partners or get the real story on why this kind of progress is important for the firearms industry. If you wanted to actually deliver quality information to the people reading your article this is what you should have done from the start. Regardless thanks for the conversation. Best Regards

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Lol at stick to t-shirts. I don’t know why you’re trying to twist my words into saying I don’t support the possibility of an off YouTube gun site, when I specifically said I do support it as long as it’s done right. I stand by what I said that if you guys think you can do it halfassed you will flat out fail. Your market (potential viewers) will dictate the success of the site and if you think it’s going to be out of feeling sorry for MAC, 22plinkster not being video millionaires I can’t stress enough that it’s not going to happen. If you have any examples contrary to my beliefs in other industries even I’d love to be proven wrong. Feel free to email me with anything you like and I’ll gladly read it over and possibly change my stance if there’s something I’m really not understanding / missing.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Additionally when you email me with this extended info I am not firearms-industry-savvy enough right now to comprehend, I’d also like to know why any company would want to sink ad money into and independent platforms such as FULL30 or YoungGunsTV when they could be spending it on retargeted advertising or more blanket advertising through 3rd parties such as tactical republic. This is especially interesting to me considering the high RPM rate you guys appear to be receiving so far unless you’re giving those guys a deal due to the infancy of the site.

          1. I would put money on them never following up with giving you any extended information. You roasted all their major arguments so there is really nowhere to go from here but for them to prove the industry wrong by making a better YT.

            1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

              Nothing yet from any of them, although it is a pretty busy time of year for most people. We’ll see… they seem adamant in proving me wrong so I hope they do send over more info and do end up making the site better than YouTube so I can make up another post, praising them for a job well done.

              1. Mike, any idea of any of the big channels on Full30 are involved on a ownership or equity level? I heard a rumor MAC was an investor/part owner but not sure if there is any credence behind that but if true could explain his upset over your views.

                1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

                  I’m not sure who has a stake… but I know at least one guy for sure doesn’t. I checked the site again and there’s nothing I can see which gives any info on that.

  13. Good read and great points. We will see how this works out for them. If they can keep sponsors rolling in, it has potential.

  14. Well, it looks like they are still running strong. I’m seeing a 100% fill rate of ads and a bunch of new channels including my favorite, Polenar Tactical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4elr_pDtI9M

  15. Any idea who owns it?
    Proliferation is usually not a good idea… look at all the (probably) unsuccessful message boards out there.

  16. When I first read this article I agreed with it completely, especially after the young gunstv failure, but over the past 2 months they have really impressed me. One of the channels told me they are making about 15x what they do on YouTube, and that’s only 50% of what the site makes off the deals net. This would lead me to belive that they are selling for $25-$30 CPMs. The community and comment section is SO much better then all he bullshit you see on YouTube too. I’m starting to see their embeds on truthaboutguns and bearings arms now too so I guess they got embeds working.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If advertisers are paying $50 – $60 CPM I’m speechless and I couldn’t be happier for full30. The only possible reason for doing so would be that the conversion rate those advertisers are getting is high enough to justify that cost. I just checked out younggunstv.com again when I saw your post, and it’s looking disastrous (BETA though they say), but who knows they might step their game up soon too.

      I see what you’re saying about the Full30 comments. Alright I do agree with you that YouTube has a lot of bullshit comments, that’s what I find entertaining a lot of times especially when the video isn’t very entertaining. I might be alone here… but reading comments where everyone circle jerks each other about how awesome the video was, is boring to me.

  17. After Hickok45 issues last week maybe it is time to create or support a real gun community. What will it take to make it successful? Some innovation and offerings that YouTube is not willing to offer and a gun community willing to support it. It will need a mobile app, maybe one that has built in links to places to shoot, training classes using location services on the phone and reciprocity maps and maybe links to gun friendly lawyers gun shops and offering coupons for discounts at major retailers just to name a few. Google is one of those love hate relationships. They are so big it will be hard to beat them but we don’t have to be slaves to them either.

  18. roy duncan Avatar

    Is full30 free on Android, and how do I get it

    1. Go to the site, save full30 front page on your phone…I did and it load the Full30 logo on my Note 4 with no prob.

  19. I’m all for our inherent right to keep and bear arms, 1776× 3% – 1984 = Full30.
    After Hickok45’s feasco with YouTube, I even decide to venture elsewhere myself for my YT channel to post 2A, pro gun, anti-tyranny related content.
    It’s now 2016 and Full30 seems a viable alternative as opposed to the posting of the article in Nov 2014.
    Only time will tell…

  20. Full 30 is mostly… just annoying.
    Click a link – takes you to a video with an add frame – the ad will play fine but the video won’t, 4 out of 5 times.
    Back to YouTube, Hickok45!

  21. Considering the anti-gun changes going on at Youtube now, including banning videos on servicing firearms and hand-loading ammo, have had a change of heart about Full30?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      No, unfortunately it still has the same barriers to consumption, and the design is still absolutely brutal.

  22. Don Larson Avatar
    Don Larson

    Well, now youtube has “done something”.
    They demonitized, then deleted content, and are as I write this deleting accounts.

    Yeah, you can follow their anti-gun agenda and make a dollar or two with blather.
    But if you want to create gun content you need to be on a pro-gun service.

  23. Don Larson Avatar
    Don Larson

    Full 30 is not accepting us “little guys” as I f this posting. 5/3/19
    They are only for big gun business.

    I choose gunstreamer.com due to ease of use and pure support for 2nd Amendment