Running Guns And Shooting Aliens

Key & Peele deal with some alien imposters:

Key-And-PeeleHahah it’s awesome because the stereotypes are so true.

Besides the standard Hollywood improper / unnecessary gun cocking sounds, they actually did a nice job handling the guns. No Hollywood teacup in sight!


Hat tip: James


5 responses to “Running Guns And Shooting Aliens”

  1. Justice06RR Avatar

    Pretty funny vid. K&P do comedy right.

    I did notice at 1:32 that the M4’s bolt was locked back (or possibly didn’t have a BCG?).

  2. What’s your name? Emily. Of course it is.

    Excellent !

  3. MFirepower Avatar

    Not a huge fan of the show in general, but that was good stuff.

  4. frequentlywong Avatar

    They had a sketch directly about the 2nd Amendment, set in the time of the founding fathers. it was actually pretty funny.

  5. Too bad these guys are progressive sycophants. Funny as always, but I’ll go the ThePirateBay just to make sure they make zero dollars off me.