Leonard Embody Still Not Doing Open Carry And Gun Rights Any Favors

Master firearms troll Leonardy Embody still thinks he’s doing the lord’s work:


For some reason I couldn’t embed the video, but you can view it here.

Troll-FaceROFL open carry trolling a school with a suppressed AR-15 rifle and a bulletproof vest… I’ll give him an A+ for effort on that one.  I’m still not entirely convinced that Bloomberg (or someone similar) isn’t paying this guys bills and legal expenses just go he can continue to get on the news constantly for “scaring” people.

I’ve posted about Embody (kwikrnu as he is known on various internet forums) quite a bit on the blog.  I never even talked about all his “incidents” either. When Leonard started doing this shit he looked a lot younger. The stress of open carry conflict aged him.

I don’t know what he expects to happen, do you?  Is he thinking he’s going to be the cause of some groundbreaking gun rights tide shift and hailed as a hero and praised in history books?



40 responses to “Leonard Embody Still Not Doing Open Carry And Gun Rights Any Favors”

  1. Douche.

  2. He’s an ass clown who keeps playing a loser game. At least his last bunch of antics bankrupted him, cost him his home, and his job.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Really? Haha well that backfired considering he thought it was going to make him a millionaire overnight

      1. Please cite or are you just making shit up again?

        1. Sick of Leonard's Shit Avatar
          Sick of Leonard’s Shit

          Die in a fire, Leonard. You worthless narcissistic dog-fucker.

        2. Why don’t you start here. Maybe you should spend 14 second and google his name. You’ll get a wealth of information on this attention whore.


  3. and he has a slidefire stock.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol oh god you’re right. That’s so perfect.

  4. The derp is strong with this one.

  5. And if something ever happens where he needs his rifle: Sorry, it’s cinched up so tight I can only shoot it at a 45 degree angle, and have to turn sideways to point it downrange.

  6. derpmaster Avatar

    I feel for this guy somewhat, as nothing says “I need to carry a rifle” like Green Hills. Shit’s straight thug, with that Nordstrom and Tiffany & Co 200 yards across the street, and nothing but $900,000 houses for hundreds of yards in every direction. I even saw a black person walking down Hillsboro Rd once, and he looked pretty shifty.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lol nice

  7. James Rustler Avatar
    James Rustler

    Fuck this guy in particular

  8. Thug life y’all.

    Maybe he can hook up with Stitches and do a video.

  9. These types get a lot of criticism in their media exposure. What’s open carry activism done, “right,” look like?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’d say done right would be doing it because you want to while doing your daily activities, and not going out of your way to make a spectacle. Handing out pamphlets etc. Is just next level douchiness. Like a high school kid is going to read that anyway.

      1. Because carrying an unload firearm and handing out leaflets is doing it wrong. You may not do it. You may not agree with it. You may not like it. You can’t do anything about it. There is a reason why your opinion is identical to the anti-gun activists.

        Open carry of loaded rifles, shotguns, and handguns is a fundamental right. I’ll continue to do it because it is my right.

        1. Well, nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in doo doo.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Awesome, well good luck with that. Stay hydrated buddy. In fact, next time you should take an empty vodka bottle and fill it with water to drink while you’re walking. That sounds like something I’m surprised you never thought of.

          1. LMAO

        3. Delray Silverback Avatar
          Delray Silverback

          You’re intentions are noble but your delivery is that of a calladoody mall ninja.
          You are making EVERYONE (incl me) else who supports 2A, concealed carry and open carry look like mouthbreathers with behavioral disabilities.
          Stop it with the body armor; You look like a fucking idiot.
          Stop it with the AR at high/ready; You look like an unstable fucking idiot.
          Stop it with the Slidefire stock; You looking like a fucking idiot gundouche seen too many times at the range.

          Want to get ‘the message’ out in a more friendly, approachable and professional manner?
          1. Switch the AR for a pistol in an OWB holster.
          2. Button down shirt TUCKED IN. Polish your image. Look at though you SHOULD be open carrying instead of menacing the locals.
          3. Live your life and go about your daily business not seeking out confrontation.

          Will he consider this? He doesn’t have to.

          I will make a small request; Embody, whenever you speak to the print/video media in the future, please verbally announce that you are in NO WAY associated with Delray Silverback of Scottsdale, Arizona because I don’t want ANYONE thinking that YOUR open carry campaign is shared by me. and each time that you do announce that I shall pledge $25 to the 2A charity of your choice.

          1. I don’t support any 2A organization.
            I do not believe I must dress in any particular manner in order to exercise my rights.
            I do not seek confrontation. The cops seek the confrontation. I do not talk to cops, nor do I approach them. The cops approach me and when they do they typically detain me.
            I believe I have a right to openly bear long arms.
            Carrying a slung firearm is not “at the ready”.

            1. Do you think that, maybe (just maybe), if you played a little nicer with others then you would get a bit more traction?

              How’s about a sign of some kind? It could read “I believe in my right to openly carry a firearm, which is already perfectly legal to do in my state.”

              Maybe a pro-2A t-shirt? And a group of people all wearing the same shirts?

              Or maybe even an orange empty chamber indicator? (Assuming the photo shown in this article was taken on the day in question.)

              1. Please define “play nice with others”.

                I handed out leaflets and most were receptive to my message.

                I don’t carry arms while in a group.

                The body armor covers my shirt. If you pay attention I only wear plain white t shirts, blue jeans, and running shoes. I wear the exact same outfit each time I carry.

                The Second Amendment does not require a empty chamber indicator.

                1. Considering what light the police are portrayed in these days with excessive force and militarization, I think you’d be more effective in spreading your message positively by not mirroring their tacticool image. How about a historically accurate minute man costume? Braveheart? Resistance fighter? Keep the modern long arm if you will, I like the, “old problem (tyranny), new tools,” symbolism. I believe you’d get more positive reactions simply by being a bit more creative and fun and less intimidating with your public educating.

                  1. Tactical? I wear blue jeans, running shoes, and a white t shirt.
                    There is no requirement under the first or second amendments to dress in any particular manner.
                    I wear a bullet proof vest for my personal protection.
                    If you don’t like how I look or dress, too bad.

                    1. Guest 1911a1 Avatar
                      Guest 1911a1

                      There’s also no requirement under the first amendment to proofread, but if you want a present a document to be taken seriously, you sure as hell get it done. “If you don’t like how I look or dress, too bad,” sounds familiar all the sudden when you think of the inked up punk-rocker looking dude with all the face piercings having trouble landing a job.

                      But hey, you make it out like what you’re doing is working, so why even bother with all these critics on here at all? Good luck.

                    2. The reason I post is show the open minded reader that most people who say they are for “gun rights” do not actually support the Second Amendment. I have no problem with a comparison to the Westboro Church activists. They use their rights and are free to do so. I use my rights and am free to do so. The difference is that I am often detained or arrested for exercising my rights.

        4. Whatevs… Legit activist would open carry brand new machine gun/grenade launcher/flame thrower, not what big brother told ’em he can and can’t have…

    2. I dunno about done right, but I know what it looks like when done wrong, and this is it.

  10. I remember this douche came onto a forum about Kydex I use to visit. He asked for help with making his rifle case, but no one knew who he was. After he got arrested, he came back on the forum and started ranting about how hurt his butt was. The awesome thing is no one on the forum gave a single fuck, and it just made him angrier. It was quite a beautiful thing.

    1. Cite, or you are just making shit up.

  11. LongBeach Avatar

    This is one of the very few people I actually hate. I swear to god he’s Michael Bloomberg’s deep cover operative. That’s how trollish his behavior is.

    1. LongBeach Avatar

      My iPad capitalized Michael Bloomberg, but not God. My iPad is a progtard douche.

  12. My scroll finger is getting a major workout on ENDO now! —– anyways, It’s always amusing to see what lengths people will go for a little attention. (even negative counts!)

  13. FYI for those who don’t know: kwikrnu is Embody’s screen name.

    He also tried to start manufacturing 5.45×39 pistols with the intention to get the ammo banned from import. He posted that on the FFLOnly forum.

  14. Jollyroger Avatar

    Isn’t this the same idiot that manufactured a 5.45 pistol and ruined cheap 5.45 for everyone, and he’s threatening to do the same with 54R? I hope he steps on all the legos everywhere he walks forever. He’s a limp dick loser,

  15. What a dick slap.

  16. I believe you guys have thrown Mr. Embody under the bus. I have been able to meet this individual few times for FFL transfer, and he is a wonderful person. I was even able to meet his wife and children. They are all normal American family. It’s horrible how you guys trash this individual without ever trying to advocate for our 2A rights. Have the balls to do what Mr. Embody has done for our cause or shut the fuck up.

  17. There is more then enough data to support calling him a dick weed, and not agree with his actions. He may be a nice guy, and I didn’t see anyone even mention his family, however, he’s still a dick weed.

    And if you haven’t figured it out yet, this site trashes pretty much everyone, and I think you need to crawl back under the rock you came out from, before the rest of us ass clowns start looking your way.