NBC Suggests Wasp Spray ONLY For Home Defense

Yea wasp spray, no mention of a gun… ever:

Cool story NBC.

I don’t dispute that “wasp spray” isn’t an extreme irritant… I suppose when dealing with MY LIFE, I prefer criminal scum irritants to be made from copper jacketed lead and fly at 1000+ ft/sec.

Criminal-Bullet-Pill-WhiteI swear like 99% of the “news” on a daily basis is just time filler which has the sole purpose to attempt to justify actually paying these people.

Thoughts?  Are you hitting up home depot for some EDC wasp spray and nightstand wasp spray?  Why shoot these criminals right?  It’s probably not their fault that they are invading homes… societal pressure mannnnnn, obama mannnnnnn, drugs mannnnnnnn, baby momma drama mannnnn.


26 responses to “NBC Suggests Wasp Spray ONLY For Home Defense”

  1. I agree about the broadcasts being made only to justify the paycheck of some people.

    But this does not address the multiple questions it raises…

    Is there a safety on those wasp spray?
    Do you have to store it in a safe?
    What if your kids just take it for playing?
    What about the size of the cans? Because, you know, it’s too dangerous if someone buys a high capacity assault bottle can and just sprays randomly… Can you put down a plane with that?
    If it’s on your nightstand, does it change the meaning of Spray and Pray?

    1. I’m got familiar with all the laws but you can not legally have a can that is over 10 oz in the state of California.

  2. I use break cleaner…drops em like a rock but doesn’t make a mess…;)

    1. And a lighter?

  3. Sendarius Avatar

    Ever read the label on wasp spray?

    “It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.”

    It’s almost as bad as removing “that tag” from a mattress.

    Besides, I don’t see how you could legally spray someone with wasp spray if you weren’t justified in using deadly force against them.

    1. Maybe if you can prove that the guy breaking in tried to use it against you, but as it was pitch dark he took it the wrong way and sprayed his own face…
      Make sure to put his fingerprints on the can, and you’re good to go…

      1. Grindstone Avatar

        “He sprayed himself in the face just as I shot him, your honor.”

        1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  4. I really need to up my bear spray EDC game. Wasp spray for the night stand, weed killer in the car and maybe a stink bomb or two for the longer range engagements.

  5. I’m waiting for tactical can accessories. Maybe a holster, a Magpul, or Perhaps a picitanny rail so I can attach my laser/flashlight?

    1. Sheepdog6 Avatar

      Magpul should be all over this. I’ll be first in line for the Aimpoint T-1 mount.

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    I like Wasps.

    1. Most of the elitist, socialist, community rabble rousers, commies, anarchist, and Islamist, don’t and unfortunately they have the levers of power and the media.

  7. I don’t think I’m going to trust my home defense strategy to a product that can be defeated with a $2 pair of goggles from the hardware store.

  8. *face palm*

  9. NBC training the masses to be submissive, government dependent, lifeless bags of fail. Love that NYPD guru with his tips and ideas on how to treat the home invaders like royalty.

  10. To be fair this is decent advice . . . if your home is being invaded by wasps. Swarms of insects are pretty resistant to firearms.

    1. I beg to differ. On two separate occasions, one with gnats and one with wasps (smallish nest I disturbed in the woods. ONE sting was all I got), I managed to take out entire swarms with one shot.

      With a Mosin M38 and some hot, loud, flashy, 147gr surplus. For those who aren’t familiar, that particular rifle/load produces a 6+ foot fireball, and a report that sounds more like a small artillery piece or a moderately sized explosive charge being detonated. Quick jump backwards, boom, entire swarm drops simultaneously. Needless to say, the projectile had absolutely nothing to do with the deaths of the bugs. The gnats were first, and it was just a fun experiment/GTFO of my face you stupid bugs situation just to see if it would work. The wasps OTOH, that was a knee-jerk, “holy shit I hope it works on these too” a few months later. Same location both times. Thank god I happened to have my M38 with a round chambered when I stepped on that nest.

      That rifle was stolen shortly after. Never recovered. Still pissed about it 5 years later. It was a 1945(very rare) model, with a blonde stock and a bore so perfect, I’d be comfortable eating my dinner from it. Ugh. It makes no sense either, considering it had to have been taken from my trunk, and both an SKS and AK74 had to have been picked up and moved out of the way to even see it. What thief is going to take an old bolt action over two semi autos, and leave the semis?

  11. The first time a sprayed a nest under my eves I got some spash-back into my eyes.

    It wasn’t that bad as far as pain goes, I was just concerned that if I didn’t irrigate the crap out of my eyes I might do some harm.

    I’ll stick with the 230 Grain JHPs

  12. Battleshipgrey Avatar

    We’d read that wasp spray is a good blinding agent, which if successful, the perp will require medical treatment. We’ve kept a couple cans of wasp spray around as an extra tool against intruders. However, I would NEVER totally rely on it and refuse to retrieve a firearm when able. It’s just another tool. My wife is of the same mindset.

  13. Of course the NYPD detective says “Find yourself some Wasp and Hornet Spray”

    Go down to to Texas, find some one Sheriff in a Cowboy hat, dollars to donuts his answer is “Fill that sumbitch with buckshot till he stops movin’”

  14. SittingDown Avatar

    How ironic that a network called “NBC” is recommending a (albeit mild) biological/chemical agent for self defense. It’s so thick even a micropenis could split it finer than a frog’s hair.

  15. Find yourself some wasp spray the detective says. Mmm-hmm.

    Let’s sum it up:

    Don’t have guns.
    Illegally use a chemical agent with no tested self defense value.
    Run out of your own home or huddle together with the kids. Dealers choice.
    If that shit don’t work, treat em like royalty while they take your stuff, beat your ass to death and rape your wife.

    The Aristocrats!

    No thanks asshole. We’ll keep the guns.

  16. You watch. Somebody will use it in self defense and get dick spanked for using it beyond its intended purpose, perhaps the criminal will sue when the corneas of his eyeballs turn inside out.

    It always happens just like it happened with joe biden’s “fire two shotgun blasts into the air” comment. Somebody did in Florida, and is getting prosecuting for unlawful discharge of firearm in a public place. Brilliant.

    Can the media (and gun control folks) stay in their own fucking lane and leave self defense advise to those qualified to give it? they’re not self defense instructors and some “detective” (whos probably a PI) isn’t very convincing. I notice that NBC will ask james yeager about the subject rather than mike pannone or someone of the same caliber.

    1. I heard about this too. Note that it’s a nerve agent and, sure, if someone dies, the user will be pegged for knowingly using it as an improvised weapon. 100%.

  17. Fallschirmjäger Avatar

    Aside from it being a violation of FEDERAL LAW to use the product in a way not intended, the ingredients on wasp spray are listed as ‘irritants’ (and weak ones at that as the concentration is somewhere around .1 to 2.0 percent active ingredients.

    Early insect sprays DID have some relation to Zyklon (Cyclone) B, but those times have long gone by the wayside and ingredients that are effective against insects (and not mammals) are the staple ingredients now.