Instructor Zero On Determining If A Holster Works For You

I still have no idea what this guy ever says:

Instructor Zero gets real operational with this… we all know how important high-speed-no-look re-holstering is too *eye roll*.  I love how he’s turning into a Costa-esque shill for anyone who will throw money and/or free gear at him.

This video is especially funny because it tries to be all “Here are the steps you should take to get used to a holster” *BRAVO CONCEALMENT* *BRAVO CONCEALMENT*… oh did I mention Bravo Concealment?  Definitely some decent info in the video besides the obvious product placement and pushes.

This is priceless, from the end of the video:

In the final installment of the 3 part seriesInstructor Zero will give his final verdict on Bravo Concealment holsters.

Instructor-ZeroLOL holy a 3 part series?  His “final verdict”…. uhhh spoiler alert he’ll say you should choose Bravo Concealment.  

As far as the subtitles go, this video isn’t that funny… something mildly funny about a pregnant wife at 2:11, and having a “first baby together” was the best guess translation of some Zero language at 2:23 haha.



11 responses to “Instructor Zero On Determining If A Holster Works For You”

  1. At least, there is something positive we can say about this guy, he DOES know how to shoot.
    I mean, his groupings are quite good.

    1. Pre-cheesh-uhn

      1. Eet’s a-sense-all, when yuhr tah-tee-cole.

    2. Ask world champion shooters Robert Vogel or Jerry Miculek how their groupings are; they won’t know because they don’t shoot groups. It’s boring and the preoccupation of guys who can’t do anything else at the range.

      1. There A zone or down 0 and there’s everything else.

  2. LongBeach Avatar

    Language butchering aside, the guy is one hell of a good shot. Can’t hate on his shooting at all. Some of the ‘tactics’ and ‘drills’ however, are questionable.

  3. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    Derp thats hands down one of the most uncomfortable holsters in the game i cannot beleive people actually buy these alienware old faithful de santis hybrid style evey day

    1. As the old saying goes – there’s a sucker born every minute.

  4. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    what the fuck is he saying?

  5. Why am I not surprised it’s Bravo Concealment he’s sucking up to? It seems that most of the shooting videos, along with every other video on YouTube, seem like the “But wait, there’s more!” type commercials.

  6. I really don’t understand the in and out of the holster and what that’s showing us. It’s a molded kydex holster, they’re all really the same. Guns glide in and out of Kydex, which is why it’s the overwhelming choice for IDPA. If you’re buying a holster for CC, it’s has to be comfortable or you’re not going to use it.

    His splits are pretty damn fast, even for hands at the side. I wonder how many takes they shoot to get the head shots he wants. I was more impressed by the .9 second shot at 25yds from a retention holster. I’d like to see more of this guy without the hat on his dome.