AR500 Steel Bullseye Target for .22LR

22Plinkster developed a target to showcase his mad skills:

That’s actually a really great idea.  I don’t know if it’s $170 cool, but it’s definitely cool.  Seems like it works really well too.

Bullseye-Rimfire-Shooting-TargetAvailable over at Challenge Targets.  Now your next task is to find .22LR to shoot at it.

I think I’d prefer the centerfire version he mentioned toward the end of the video.  That would be awesome.



5 responses to “AR500 Steel Bullseye Target for .22LR”

  1. Joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) Avatar
    Joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1)

    I like it. Wonder if’n I can swing the funds for it.

  2. Hey diddle diddle right down the middle

  3. How small is the center of the target?

    Looks fun.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Paddle measures 4″ diameter | Bullseye hole measures .90″ diameter!

      1. Cool, will check out.

        Can probably hit that with a .22 rifle at 100 meters with diopter sights (prone with sling). Not everytime but can definately hit it.